Amazon Fire TV Omni and Fire TV 4 with Alexa: features and prices


Amazon Fire TV Omni and Fire TV 4

The love story between Amazon and television is not new. For several years now, the company has been offering various products that try to enrich the user experience, including access to its own services.

These are also the Fire TV Stick, Cube, etc. D. These devices connect to TVs via HDMI connection and don’t just let you use offerings like Prime Video, Music Unlimited or Alexa’s enterprise assistant. With them, you also have access to third-party services.

In this way and thanks to its own operating system, the Fire TV Operating System (based on Android), the company has been able to provide its customers with a high-performance product in everything that concerns the world of multimedia.

This success led to the licensing of the Fire TV OS to other manufacturers so that they could improve their Smart TV site. For example, Toshiba was one of the first companies in line for Amazon to compete with brands like LG, Samsung or Sony, among others, by offering their customers through Smart TV platforms like webOS, Tizen or Android TV.

Amazon Smart TV is a reality

After all this travel, Amazon decided to launch its own smart TVs . Which shouldn’t be any more surprising because with so much sales data, you know very well which companies can be more or less profitable.

Its TV premieres consistently come in two series. From one, the Amazon TV 4 series, it’s the most modest in terms of performance and aspects like design. From the other, the Amazon Fire TV Onmni is the most complete. Nevertheless, neither of the two offerings currently touches the high-end segment.

Launching advanced models without much experience or reputation is difficult even for a giant like Amazon. Some brands, such as LG, Samsung, Sony or Panasonic, are very well positioned and willing to spend more than 1,500 or 2,000 euros on a TV, better to have a winning horse.

So Amazon’s idea is to offer a series of interesting TVs in terms of features and prices. However, with manufacturers like Xiaomi in between, it’s not going to be easy.

Amazon Fire TV Omni

The Amazon TV Omni series is, as we said, the most ambitious of the two. This consists of more diagonals available, as well as better features and a certain number of extras that more or less compensate for the type of user.

These are the main features from the Amazon TV Omni series:

Straight LED panel.
4K resolution at 60 Hz
Screen sizes of 43, 50, 55, 65 and 75 inches
HDR 10, HGL, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Vision content management
Taking charge of Dolby Digital Plus
Connections: 3 x HDMI 2.0 1 x HDMI 2.1 with charging for eARC, Ethernet, USB, WiFi and BT 5.0
Four TV OS systems
Alexa integration and free book mode
On a technical level, this Amazon series is still a gaming TV, which also confirms the prices. Because these are Amazon’s new smart TVs. start at $409.

Côté design, it should be well known that, while not exceptional, they offer a finish of some appeal. The first part, the most important of all, is correct and with very nice frames.

They are also very stylish and minimalist jams that we have seen in other series. They have an argentine finish and may well be removed if you want to mount the TV to the wall.

Anyway, the most interesting thing about this TV is the use of the Fire TV OS and the integration with Alexa. Yes, not only can you access all of the company’s services and those levels such as Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO, Youtube, etc. that are available for the platform, but you can also control with voice commands.

Thanks to a free network mode for Alexa , these televisions can be controlled with a traditional remote that also includes a microphone to interact with Alexa. But if you don’t want to depend on your remote, you only need to allow Alexa active listening so that when you announce an activation command, you can control everything on your TV as commanded. From fade in to fade out, changing the source or the multimedia service, you can check.

Basically, it’s like connecting a Fire TV Cube without the added features or limitations of not integrating as a body. Also, this integration with Alexa allowed you to use the TV as if it were an Amazon Echo. Otherwise, to check the other connected devices you have in your home.

Amazon Fire TV, Series 4

The Amazon Fire TV 4 series also comes with the Omni line, it’s a more modest and lightweight offering, and it looks like some gaps in terms of alternatives.

Smile the main features of the Amazon Fire TV 4 series:

Straight LED panel
4K resolution at 60 Hz
Screen sizes 43, 50 and 55 inches
HDR 10, HGL, Dolby Digital Plus content management
Taking charge of Dolby Digital Plus
Connections: 3 x HDMI 2.0 1 x HDMI 2.1 with charging for eARC, Ethernet, USB, WiFi and BT 5.0
Four TV OS systems
Integration with Alexa

With a price from 369 euros , this series is a little more modest and that too can be seen in the design. It is not a bad offer from an aesthetic point of view, but we can say that it comes with fewer details, so that the addition that you pay for one or the other is at first more obvious.

Differences and prices for the Amazon Fire TV Smart TV


After studying the specs of the two series, you can clearly see the differences between one and the other . The first and most notable is the design. It’s not a brutal blow, but it’s enough to make this small difference between the two possible.

It’s also worth noting that the larger diagonals are not available in the Omni series (65 and 75 inches). The two screens that are becoming more and more common in showrooms, with the ones with 4K resolution and reduced bezels, don’t seem larger or larger.

They also seem very similar in terms of picture quality as well. Yeah Al, that sounds pretty crappy to me, BT doesn’t seem to be for me either. The 65 and 75 inch models are only models with Dolby Vision but otherwise it’s just PiP mode and using free Alexa books without the need for remote control that matters.

So it’s time to judge who might interest you the most. Once the prices of Amazon’s new smart TVs are complete, they are:

Amazon Fire TV 4 Series (43″): $369
(50″): $469
(55″): $519
(43″): $409
 (50″): $509
 (55″): $559
(65″ – Dolby Vision): $829
(75″ – Dolby Vision): $1099
Of course, the prices are in dollars simply because they are the United States where they will be sold at this time. The company has yet to announce its intention to enter other markets. Well, it’s easy to assume it’s not a matter of time before they appear in other Amazon magazines.

The big problem with Amazon TV

Amazon’s first attempt, if you can call it that, is certainly noteworthy. They are also replicating the strategy they used with their Amazon Echo or Fire TV Stick, and applying aggressive discounts to certain dates such as Black Friday, Prime Day, etc. etc., They will get an interesting market share.

It will also show what results they get, but with these prices, it’s clear that those who invest will see some commitment in terms of quality that they don’t allow in the more expensive models of other brands.

Finally, it seems that Amazon’s TVs were developed over a two-year period by Amazon itself and its Lab126 company. Nevertheless, the semblance of production matches the tiers to be the TKL (Chinese manufacturer) of choice.

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