Best 40 inch TV of 2022 | Raiting of best 40-inch tvs


Best 40 inch TV of 2022 | Raiting of best 40-inch tvs

Televisions are nowadays the main source of entertainment for many people. The whole family gathers around it in the evenings to watch their favorite movies, shows and programs. Of course, to get maximum viewing pleasure, you should buy a model with a large screen – at least 40 inches for the living room or spacious bedroom. But there are a lot of such TVs, and they vary in cost and functionality. To make sure you are not mistaken, we will list the best TVs with 40-inch screen – by studying our TOP, every buyer will easily choose a model that suits him.

The best inexpensive 40 inch TVs.


Most people with average incomes try to buy a good, inexpensive 40-inch TV. These models do not have Smart TV or WiFi support, but they can please their owners even without the presence of such technologies. Well, it’s a smart and sensible decision – you don’t have to deny your family what they need or blow a hole in your budget just to buy a model with a slightly better picture quality or more functionality. Especially nowadays you can buy a really good quality TV for a very reasonable price.

1. Sony KDL-40RE353 Best 40 inch TV

TVs, the Japanese manufacturer offers one of the most interesting models. It is equipped with an 8-bit Full HD panel, which is made using VA technology. This allows you to display a typical set of 16.7 million colors and deep black.

The KDL-40RE353 has side backlight, so the device is not very thick. There are no serious complaints about its uniformity, although this solution certainly cannot be compared with the expensive Sony TV-sets. The brightness margin of this model is not very high.

As for the sound of the Japanese 40″ TV, it is quite good. But the total power of a pair of speakers installed here is only 10 watts, so they are not very loud. The set of ports is also minimally sufficient: USB and 2×HDMI.


  • The official warranty of 2 years;
  • good speaker sound;
  • excellent color reproduction;
  • video recording to a USB storage device;
  • decent assembly;
  • low power consumption;
  • Good quality VA-matrix.


  • The price is somewhat overpriced.

2. Hyundai H-LED40ET3021.

Chinese company Hyundai is famous for excellent value for money. According to a similar criterion, the popular model of TV H-LED40ET3021 was selected for our top list. The matrix installed in it has a response time of 9.5 ms. This is not a very low indicator, but enough for movies and even console games. The contrast of the screen is a very good 4000:1, but the brightness is limited to a mark of 220 cd/m2.

If you ignore this advice, sometimes the picture will be difficult to see.

The Hyundai TV has a rich interface set presented by three HDMI connectors and a couple of USB connectors as well as coaxial and AV output. There is also a CI card slot available. The device is mounted on a cabinet using a pair of legs, but if necessary, you can fix the technique on the wall using a VESA mount 200×200 mm. One of the best 40-inch TVs offers good sound, too, with a pair of 8-watt speakers.


  • clever settings;
  • Cute remote control;
  • small frame thickness;
  • low weight;
  • wall mount;
  • clear control;
  • good speakers;
  • pleasant design.


  • Low-powered receiver.

3. Polarline 40PL53TC

An excellent 40-inch Full HD TV, which for the title of the best lacks only an operating system. But since it often freezes and glitches in budget models, we will not lay any claims to its absence. It can be connected to one of the three HDMI 1.4a connectors.

In addition, the TV has a VGA input, which is useful when using old laptops, AV, CI support, as well as a couple of USB 2.0 ports for peripherals and storage devices. Connecting the latter, the user will be able to use the TimeShift (“stop” the live broadcast) and record TV programs. But as you can understand from the reviews, the TV for stable operation of these options will need a flash drive with a speed above average.


  • affordable price tag;
  • A large number of HDMI and USB;
  • auto equalization of sound volume;
  • decent picture;
  • good 10 watt stereo speakers;
  • comfortable and stable foot center.


  • The remote doesn’t always work correctly;
  • Not too even backlighting.


The review of the best 40-inch TV models continues with one of the most affordable solutions in the TELEFUNKEN brand range. It’s a chic device that sells for 16.5 thousand. For such a price tag, the TF-LED40S06T2’s features are great. This TV supports all over-the-air broadcasting standards except satellite. The TV screen is made with VA technology and offers a huge 5000:1 contrast ratio. The brightness is 240 nits and the response time is 8.5 ms. Viewing angles are maximum. For sound is responsible a pair of speakers with 10 watts each. There are all the necessary connectors, and for full happiness is missing only the second USB. Functions TimeShift and recording on a flash drive are available.


  • the presence of three HDMI at once;
  • high contrast;
  • solid build;
  • quality picture;
  • easy control.


  • Mediocre sound quality.

The best 40-inch TVs of 2022 with Smart TV


Thanks to a special application Smart TV, modern televisions are close to computers in terms of functionality. Judge for yourself – 40-inch TVs allow not only to watch movies and TV shows, but also to surf the Internet, run hundreds and thousands of different applications and perform many other tasks. Of course, most people, when buying a TV, try to buy a model with this convenient application. Therefore, let’s consider a few successful models in this category.

1. TCL 40s325 best 40-inch smart

Why we love it – TCL 40s325

As a complementary TV, this TCL 40s325 provides good sound quality and clear picture so you can watch your favorite TV programs, movies or streaming channels. In addition, TCL provides you with a handy list of smart features thanks to the installed Roku system.


  • Roku
  • Good resolution
  • Low price


  • The base feels cheap and wobbly


If you look at the reviews for the TCL 1280 P LED Smart TV, the bottom line is that the picture quality/screen resolution is top notch. Like the Samsung Electronics UN32N5300AFXZA 32″ 1080p 1080p Smart LED TV, the refresh rate is fast so you can watch Roku TV shows with good screen performance. If you look at the LG OLED E9 review, it’s definitely comparable to an entry-level smart TV to add to any room.


Like the Sony x900e, this TCL S325 TV Roku has pretty decent internal speakers for the price you pay. You won’t hear anything that blasts, but the sound quality is satisfactory enough for normal TV, movie or game watching. If you have external speakers, it’s recommended that you use them to boost the sound.

Smart features

TCL provides you with an easy list of smart features thanks to the Roku system installed. In fact, it’s pretty simple. As with the sony x950g, you can simply manipulate a number of smart apps to suit your needs. You can also add smart devices to this TV to expand your capabilities.

Expansion ports/options

Just like the LG CX OLED, there are USB and HDMI ports, both internal and external, which allow you to expand the capabilities of your TCL TV. You can even connect wireless headphones or controllers via Bluetooth signal. And, of course, if you want expanded audio capabilities, you can easily connect quality speakers.


If you’re looking for an extra TV for a room in the house, garage, or anywhere else you need a new monitor, this is one of the most affordable options you can find. You’ll also get great pictures and quality smart features, as well as free delivery, good customer service, and a reliable return policy.

TCL 40s325 summary

The TCL 40s325 40-inch TV provides good sound quality and crisp picture quality so you can watch your favorite TV shows, movies or streaming channels in full HD. The picture quality/resolution of the screen is top notch. The refresh rate is fast, so you can watch your TV shows on your Roku TV with good screen performance.

2. HARPER 40F720TS

Inexpensive model, released in 2020. This LCD TV has Full HD resolution, and the matrix is made by VA technology. This achieves a high level of contrast and a fairly wide viewing angle. The peak brightness of the panel is 250 cd/m2, which is typical for inexpensive devices. The response time is 8 ms, which is even better than you get in some of the more expensive TVs of major competitors.

As a Smart TV platform, the manufacturer settled on Linux. More specifically, the brand has given preference to the distribution kit Coocaa Lite, which it develops itself. The system works fast and stable enough. But its functionality is noticeably inferior to alternative smart platforms. In terms of connectors one of the best TV according to customer reviews is not surprising: a pair of HDMI 1.4 and the same amount of USB 2.0.


  • Fast system performance;
  • attractive price;
  • the best option for the bedroom;
  • good viewing angle;
  • stable signal reception;
  • availability of Wi-Fi and RJ-45 port.


  • The functionality of the system.

3. Hyundai H-LED40ES5108.

One more model from the company Hyundai continues to the top of TVs. With its characteristics it resembles the above-described device of the Chinese firm. Here, too, is used a VA panel, the color depth of which reaches 8 bits. The screen of the device occupies more than 95% of the front panel, so both on the bedside table and on the wall the device looks stylish. If you prefer the second installation option, you will need a VESA 200×200 bracket.

The TV is happy with a very high quality picture and good sound. The blacks here are extremely deep due to the high contrast of 5000:1. Backlighting is rear, Direct LED, so local eclipse is supported. The response time reaches the same 9.5 ms. The software platform is Android TV. This guarantees high speed and the ability to install any, including unofficial software.


  • the capabilities of the system Android 9;
  • good quality speakers;
  • well-thought-out remote control;
  • there are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules;
  • bright and contrast picture;
  • value for money.


  • The OS is sometimes too thoughtful.

4. Samsung UE40NU7170U

The cost of Samsung TV will obviously not be affordable for every user. But for maximum enjoyment from watching movies and modern games, the TV provides everything you need. First, the device uses a VA panel with 10-bit resolution, which provides the ability to display more than 1 billion shades. But it is achieved not by fair color depth, but through FRC technology.

Thanks to the use of a 4K Ultra HD matrix in the TV, it can be placed very close to the viewer. The pixel density of 110 ppi will remain invisible even if the distance to the screen is about a meter, which for such a diagonal is rare. Samsung has its own platform – Tizen. It is fast and convenient, offers all the necessary software and easy setup. But the same extensive features as Android, does not provide.


  • 100 Hz screen refresh rate;
  • excellent sound (a pair of 10 watts);
  • clever proprietary shell;
  • good build;
  • more than a billion colors in the picture;
  • speed of operation;
  • nice interface set;
  • built-in light sensor.


  • No 802.11ac Wi-Fi (5GHz);
  • Not the most advanced remote control.

Best 40-inch 4K TVs in 2022


Progress doesn’t stand still. Buyers are no longer satisfied with 720p or even 1080p screens. Therefore, manufacturers are ready to offer them a completely new format – 4K TV. This category is characterized by a display resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. Of course, on the big 40-inch screen it looks just unparalleled – you just want to reach out and touch the image, seeming real. So it was just impossible not to include in our review a few models for 40 inches with such a resolution.

1. KIVI 40U600KD.

If you want to get a 4K TV with good functionality and without overpaying, there are not many brands on the market that are ready to offer suitable products. And one of them is the firm KIVI. The model we selected for review is equipped with an S-PVA matrix. It features good viewing angles, high contrast and good brightness. For gamers, the panel is also perfectly suitable due to rather small output delays.

As a software platform, the best in terms of price-quality ratio TV on the market is Android. But the stuffing is low-power, so the device works slowly in some situations, and sometimes it frankly hangs. The remote control is also simple and not convenient enough. But it has voice control. The sound is loud, but you can hear well only in the middle. The tweeters, and especially the woofers are sagging.


  • attractive price;
  • low response time;
  • the presence of voice control;
  • you can install third-party software;
  • good volume reserve.


  • sometimes noticeably glitchy;
  • The sound lacks bass.

2. Samsung UE40NU7100U

Closes the review of the best models with a diagonal of 40 inches 4K TV Samsung. The UE40NU7100U belongs to the 2018 lineup. It stands out for its modern design and the use of current image enhancement technology. Thanks to Ultra HD resolution, the device can be placed close to the viewer, preserving the visual clarity of the picture.

Also, according to reviews, the TV can be praised for good sound. The UE40NU7100U has only two speakers with a total capacity of 20 watts as standard for models priced under 30 thousand. However, there are no complaints about their clarity and even distribution of frequency ranges. Among the additional functions of the device there is an automatic brightness control that uses a built-in light sensor and a sleep timer. For other tasks, the TV has the Tizen OS.


  • Tizen speed;
  • Wi-Fi stability;
  • excellent picture;
  • good viewing angles;
  • there is a gaming mode;
  • minimal thickness.


  • no Bluetooth;
  • Not the most convenient remote control.

3. Samsung UE40MU6100U

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best 40-inch TVs that have entered production. In addition to the huge resolution it boasts also a serious functionality. The wireless Internet module and the easy-to-use Firefox operating system almost makes it comparable to a computer in terms of functionality. The total sound power of the two speakers is 20 watts – thanks to the surround sound you can really get the most out of ordinary movies. The TFT matrix not only reduces the cost of the device, but also maximizes the response speed. Functionality is huge, starting from simple child protection and sleep timer to multiscreen, which displays images from several channels, and DLNA support that allows you to connect your TV to any equipment. It’s no coincidence that, judging by the reviews, not a single customer who chose this TV has regretted their purchase.


  • The highest picture quality;
  • relatively low cost;
  • easy to set up and operate;
  • low power consumption;
  • fast operation of the Tizen OS;
  • high performance;
  • quality color rendering.


  • noticeable distortion of the picture when viewed from an angle;
  • The low refresh rate of the screen leads to the fact that in dynamic scenes the image is a bit blurred.

What 40-inch TV is better to buy


This concludes our rating of 40-inch TVs. We hope that after reading it, you became more knowledgeable about modern equipment. Having learned the basic pros and cons of different models, you will surely be able to easily decide which company’s TV is best for you. That means you won’t regret the money you threw away in a bad purchase.


Is a 40-inch TV big enough?

 A 40-inch TV is considered a medium-sized TV. However, these TVs are ideal for rooms that are not large enough to accommodate a larger model.

Is a 40-inch TV too big for a bedroom?

For busy rooms, you should choose a screen of at least 40 inches if you are sitting more than 20 feet away from the TV. A 50-inch screen is good at 7.5 feet from the TV. If you are 9 feet away, a 60-inch screen will probably be as small as you want it to be.

Is 40 inches a small TV?

For example, small TVs (32 to 40 inches) are usually the best choice for the kitchen, bedroom or guest room.

What size room do I need for a 40 inch TV?

How to calculate the best size TV for your room
TV sizeRecommended minimum distance for 4K TV

40 inches (3.3 feet)
42 inches (3.5 feet)
48 inches (4 feet)
50 inches (4.2 feet)

What is the most popular TV size?

The most common TV sizes are 32”, 43”, 55” and 65”, and there has been a steady increase in 75” and 85” models in recent years

Can I watch 4K on a 40-inch TV?

Manufacturers can make bigger screens than ever before, and consumers are realizing just how big TVs can be. A 40-inch TV should have 4K resolution, but you can see the benefits more clearly on a larger size

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