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Best 70 inch TV in 2022 | Best buy


What are the best 70-inch TVs? best budget TVs

There are a few different types of 70-inch TVs on the market, but the best ones are definitely the budget TVs. These TVs offer a great picture quality and they are also very affordable. You can find some really good deals on these types of TVs, so if you are looking for a great TV at a great price, then a budget 70-inch TV is definitely the way to go.

Philips 70PUS8506 2021 best 70-inch tv

Philips 70PUS8506 2021 LED TV is positioned in the middle segment of the market, so it offers users a very impressive performance at an affordable price. The manufacturer itself states that this model is able to satisfy all the needs of most viewers, as well as those who want to watch movies with high resolution or play on consoles. The body has a frameless design and looks stylish. The built-in 70″ screen supports native 4K resolution at 60Hz refresh rate. The picture is very saturated, the frames change smoothly without jerks and distortion. Users have access to extensive image quality settings: brightness, contrast, color temperature, as well as a number of presets for certain types of scenes. Due to the built-in light sensor it is possible to automatically adjust the picture and exclude a number of routine settings. From the factory, the TV comes with a quality color calibration, so in most cases you will not need to change it, especially if you give priority to brighter and juicier colors than to higher contrast.
Support for HDR10, HD10R+ and Dolby Vision is implemented to improve the perception of the displayed scenes. Ambilight function is supported, implemented on three sides of the screen. It significantly improves image perception in dimly lit rooms.
For sound reproduction there are two wide-band speakers with a total power of 20 watts. High and low frequencies are enough even taking into account the fact that the TV body is thin. Sound enhancement technologies DTS, Dolby Bass Enhancement and Dolby Atmos are supported. It is possible to connect external acoustics via Bluetooth or to the optical output. To connect to the Internet there is an RJ-45 port, as well as a dual-band Wi-Fi module.
Pros and cons
  • Matrix with UHD resolution and excellent color reproduction;
  • High performance graphical interface Android 10;
  • Built-in light sensor, a wide range of picture quality presets;
  • Hardware support for dynamic contrast and three-dimensional image enhancement;
  • Excellent sound quality, Dolby Atmos support;
  • All necessary connectors for external video sources: 4xHDMI, 2xUSB;
  • Wireless modules Bluetooth, Wi-Fi;
  • Slot for access cards to pay channels.
  • Manual switching to game mode is required when connecting consoles;
  • Not all HDMI ports correspond to the announced version 2.1;
A great functional TV that supports receiving all types of digital broadcast channels, as well as having on board all necessary ports for connecting external devices. It has a high-quality UHD matrix with 4K resolution and excellent color reproduction. Thanks to the 4-core processor Android TV 10 OS is very responsive and does not slow down. All programs presented in Google Play Market are supported, so there will be no problems with the expansion of functionality.

Samsung UE70TU7090U 4K TV

Samsung UE70TU7090U TV is positioned in the budget segment, so it will suit those who want to save money and still get a big screen with an excellent level of brightness, contrast and color rendering. It is made in a stylish frameless body, has a VA matrix with a diagonal of 70″, supports 4K resolution and Edge LED backlighting. The refresh rate is 60 Hz, but at the same time flicker is not visible, the picture is smooth and natural. Gaming features are not supported, but this does not prevent you from connecting a PC or console to run undemanding games. Peak brightness is mediocre for a matrix of this size 250 nits, so to increase the comfort of watching video it is recommended to dim the light a little indoors. There are no problems with contrast, as the hardware supports HDR10+ technology, which significantly improves dynamic scenes, making them deeper for perception. The static contrast ratio of 5100:1 is impressive, as images are very detailed, there is no pixelation effect.
For sound reproduction, two speakers are built into the case, which reproduce high and low frequencies with excellent accuracy and without extraneous noise. Total power is 20 watts. Supports Dolby Atmos, DTS.
External devices can be connected via HDMI and USB ports. There is an optical port for audio output to an external speaker. The following wireless technologies are supported: Airplay, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Miracast.
Pros and cons
  • Matrix with a color depth of 10 bits and support for 4K resolution;
  • Optimal pixel density of 80 pixels per inch;
  • Support for upscaling technology;
  • Hardware implementation of HDR10 dynamic contrast ratio;
  • Built-in tuner capable of receiving analog and digital broadcast channels;
  • Built-in modules Bluetooth, Wi-Fi;
  • Sound enhancement functions: Dolby Digital Plus, Down firing, Adaptive Sound;
  • Availability of bracket mounts;
  • Frameless body with a minimalist design.
  • Average viewing angles of the matrix;
  • Distortion may appear when listening to sound at high volume;
  • The remote control is inconvenient to use;
  • A large number of useless for Russian users pre-installed programs;
  • Airplay works unstable.
Budget TV, which runs on a platform Tizen, equipped with a high-quality universal VA matrix with excellent color reproduction and is made in a stylish frame-less housing. Suitable for undemanding users who are not critically important smart features.

LG 70UP77506LA 70 inch tv vs 4k display

LG 70UP77506LA is a TV set focused on the budget segment of the market. In the line of the manufacturer takes the lowest position, so users can offer only basic functions. Suitable for installation in spacious halls and living rooms, as well as bedrooms. Installed 70 matrix has excellent color fidelity and naturalness of the picture. The operating system features a number of useful optimizations for games, but do not count on the fact that in dynamic scenes will not lose frames, but there will be no distortion. The VA matrix is versatile, because it allows you to show an image very clear and with saturated colors. Hardware support for HDR10 Pro will allow you to enjoy dynamic scenes to the fullest, although the black level is not too deep. Direct LED backlighting eliminates glare or uneven contrast.
This TV model can integrate into “smart home” systems, including Yandex. It is possible to connect Yandex “smart” speakers and use various devices to control the main functions of the TV. The main operating system used is WebOS 6.0, which has a wide functionality and does not require the installation of third-party software.
Two wide-band speakers are capable of reproducing sound with a power of 20 W without distortion or noise at any volume level.
Pros and cons
  • Great screen with support for 4K resolution and 60Hz refresh rate;
  • Stylish design and high ergonomics of the frameless body;
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 modules are installed;
  • High-quality Direct LED matrix backlight, which eliminates glare and unevenly illuminated areas of the screen;
  • HDMI and USB ports to connect external devices;
  • Fastenings for VESA bracket;
  • Voice control Google Assistant, Alexa;
  • Built-in player supports all modern types of files;
  • Surround Sound enhancement technology.
  • Poor brightness level when watching HDR content;
  • Average viewing angles of the matrix;
  • In some cases backlight flicker can be seen.
An excellent TV for home everyday use, as it has the necessary functionality, provides high image quality, equipped with an average level of playback speakers. Although there are some remarks on the brightness level, as well as viewing angles, but they are not critical, and without problems will allow to use this model and not to feel discomfort. If we consider that the model is branded and its price is low, then it is worth paying special attention to it when choosing.

Haier 70 Smart TV HX HDR 4k smart TV

Haier 70 Smart TV HX HDR is positioned by the manufacturer in the budget segment, but it has impressive functionality, including smart features, so its use can be universal. The installed matrix supports native 4K resolution at a frame rate of 60 Hz. The brightness level is optimal 300 nits, the contrast ratio 4000:1 is impressive. The picture is saturated and very detailed. Dynamic contrast HDR10 is supported. Android TV is used as the platform, so there are no problems with the installation of third-party applications. All Google services work perfectly. The performance is excellent, there are no slowdowns, lags are also absent. Google Assistant voice control is available. For those who like to watch movies from external drives, the Upscaling 4K UHD function will be useful, providing high quality frame processing in real time.
The body of the TV is made of durable plastic that is pleasant to the touch. It is thin, so it is convenient to mount it on the wall with a bracket, but in this case, access to the connectors located in the end part will be uncomfortable. For installation on a horizontal surface the set includes two V-shaped stands. Thanks to the frameless design, this model of TV will easily fit in any interior design. The convenient remote control allows you to control all the basic functions.
Pros and cons
  • A wide choice of connectors for external devices: 4xHDMI, 2xUSB, composite and component inputs;
  • Availability of a slot for SD memory cards;
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless modules;
  • The matrix with good levels of brightness and contrast;
  • Receives all types of television channels of digital broadcasting;
  • Modern and stylish housing in a minimalist style;
  • Versatile matrix that provides excellent picture in static and dynamic scenes;
  • Support for voice control.
  • On the matrix you can see some minor flashes in a number of cases;
  • When mounting the TV on a bracket it is extremely inconvenient to connect external devices;
  • No support for DTS format;
  • Through the optical output the sound is played only in the 2.0 format.
If you want to buy a TV with a big diagonal on a limited budget, but not to the detriment of functionality, it is recommended to pay attention to this model. Although it is made in China, but the parameters can compete with many models of the average price segment, especially the “smart features.

Samsung UE70AU7100 LED 4K HDR TV

The Samsung UE70AU7100U 2021 LED is a budget Smart TV running the Tizen OS 6.0 operating system and equipped with a high-quality VA matrix with native 4K resolution. The body is made of plastic, the design is minimalistic, but the appearance is aesthetic and attractive. The level of ergonomics is excellent because all necessary ports are located on the back side and are easily accessible, there are no buttons or LEDs on the front panel, so nothing distracts you while watching video. The remote control is optimally sized and has shortcuts to popular services.
The screen has a wide viewing angle of 178° so everyone can sit in front of the screen without being disturbed by color or brightness. The Edge LED backlighting used evenly illuminates the matrix without glare or gradients. The 5000:1 contrast ratio is virtually a record for this class of television. High accuracy of color rendering is provided by the innovative Crystal 4K processor. The brightness of 300 nits is enough to watch movies and TV shows at any lighting level, but in bright light, problems can occur. Hardware support for HDR10+ enhances movie scenes by varying contrast levels with deep blacks. Matrix response time is 10 ms, so there are no color plumes behind dynamic objects.
Pros and cons
  • Matrix with excellent technical characteristics;
  • Stylish frameless design;
  • The presence of a built-in USB hub to connect external drives;
  • Support for HDR10+ dynamic contrast ratio;
  • Voice control of TV functions;
  • Wireless technologies Miracast, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi;
  • Support for Ambilight volumetric scene enhancement technology;
  • Slot for cards to access the pay channels CI / CI +;
  • High-quality built-in speakers with a total capacity of 20 watts;
  • Image enhancement technologies: Mega Contrast, PurColor, UHD Dimming;
  • Smartphone image mirroring function;
  • Built-in powerful analog tuner.
  • Because of the Edge LED backlighting, uneven color reproduction and contrast may be noticeable;
  • Artifacts and frame discontinuities may appear when the picture is upscaled;
  • Lack of brightness of the matrix.
Inexpensive television from a well-known brand with a good matrix parameters, the availability of analog and digital ports, as well as high-quality built-in speakers. For everyday use, this model will be an excellent choice.

Philips 70PUS7605 4k HDR Smart TV

The Philips 70PUS7605 2020 LED TV runs on a proprietary Saphi operating system and offers users all the standard features they need. It is equipped with a 70″ VA matrix supporting native 4K resolution at a frame rate of 60 Hz. Image quality is impressive: colors are rich and juicy, objects are detailed, brightness is enough to spare. Color depth is 10 bits. Uses Direct LED backlighting, providing uniform lighting of the entire surface of the screen, with Micro Dimming technology. Hardware support HDR10, HDR10 +, HLG, as well as Dolby Vision scene enhancement functions are implemented.
In this model, the case is made of durable plastic, which even under mechanical stress does not creak and does not bend, as to strengthen the metal frame is installed inside. Frameless design allows you to fully concentrate on watching movies or TV shows. The assembly is of high quality and has no complaints. Ports for connections are installed on the back of the case, access to them is convenient. There are connectors for VESA bracket. The built-in TV tuner allows receiving all types of digital TV channels. Streaming video from the Internet is supported provided the RJ-45 cable connection or via Wi-Fi.
Built-in speakers with total capacity of 20 watts are capable of playing very high quality sound thanks to Dolby Atmos support. There are digital and analog ports for connecting external speakers and soundbar. The 5-band equalizer, AI Sound noise reduction system and DTS HD technology are supported.
Pros and cons
  • High-quality matrix with natural color reproduction and wide viewing angles;
  • Slim, stylish body with a frameless design;
  • Comfortable LED backlighting that does not irritate the eyes and does not cause fatigue even when watching TV for a long time;
  • Excellent sound quality from the built-in stereo speakers;
  • Support for modern technology to improve the quality of sound and video;
  • Two-standard Wi-Fi module;
  • Excellent performance of the operating system;
  • Built-in USB hub for 2 ports, one of which is version 3.0.
  • Operating system Saphi, which will not be able to fully enjoy the benefits of a smart platform due to restrictions on installing third-party applications;
  • Semi-matte screen coating does not protect against glare and reflection;
  • When you connect the console via HDMI with HDR you can only play at 2K resolution, the feature is not available on 4K;
  • No Ambilight;
  • No built-in Bluetooth module.
This TV is more likely to suit those who want to watch only TV shows, media files from external drives or videos from popular streaming services. You should not count on the smart platform to install third-party applications, as Philips has its own operating system. At the same time, the picture quality is decent, the sound from the built-in speakers is decent, the level of ergonomics is good.

LG 70UQ80006LB best 70-inch tvs in 2022

Smart TV LG 70UQ80006LB 2022 LED operates under the WebOS 6.0 operating system, which provides all the necessary functionality for the modern user. Equipped with a 70″ matrix with native 4K resolution, frame rate of 60 Hz and support for popular formats of dynamic contrast Active HDR and HDR10 Pro. Direct LED backlighting eliminates cases of flare or color gradients. Nine typical picture quality presets are supported, allowing users to switch seamlessly when changing the type of video content and enjoy viewing. Thanks to the 5th generation intelligent processor, key image parameters are calculated depending on the scene, so that the image looks as natural as possible and with good saturation. The color rendering depth is 10 bits, which for a mid-budget class model is an excellent indicator. The gaming feature ALLM is supported to reduce frame delay, making the picture smoother and easier to perceive.
This model features a 2.0 audio system with 10W speaker power. AI Acoustic Tuning, AI Sound, Clear Voice Pro functions are supported. There is no lack of low or high frequencies, speech sounds as clear and natural as possible.
Pros and cons
  • Supports all standards for digital television channels;
  • High performance of the OS without lags and hangs;
  • Matrix with 4K resolution and excellent brightness/contrast balance;
  • Excellent quality built-in speakers;
  • USB and HDMI ports;
  • Built-in wireless modules Airplay, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth;
  • CI/CI+ access card slot;
  • Support for modern formats of dynamic contrast;
  • High quality build;
  • Availability of bracket mounts.
  • There may be some minor glare on the screen;
  • Minor uneven backlighting.
Budget TV with excellent functionality, support for all digital broadcast standards, excellent ergonomics and ample opportunities to connect to other devices via wired or wireless technology.

Samsung UE70TU7170U 70-inch smart crystal processor 4k TV

Samsung UE70TU7170U TV works on the basis of its own operating system Tizen, which has excellent functionality and reliability. It has a 70″ diagonal matrix that supports 4K resolution at a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The picture is lush and bright, natural color reproduction. Support for HDR10+ significantly improves the volumetric perception of the movie scenes. The body is plastic and the assembly does not cause any complaints. The TV can be set on a horizontal surface on a standard stand or mounted on the wall on a VESA bracket.
Two built-in speakers with a total capacity of 20 W are responsible for sound reproduction. The following technologies are supported: Multiroom Link, Dialog Enhancenment, Dolby Digital Plus. Sound can be transmitted via Bluetooth. There are USB and HDMI ports to connect the TV to a variety of devices.
Pros and cons
  • Excellent matrix with support for 4K resolution and dynamic contrast HDR10;
  • Supports Mega Contrast, PurColor, UHD Dimming, Auto Motion Plus;
  • Built-in web-browser allowing you to browse the Internet;
  • Supports analog and digital channel reception;
  • Wireless technologies Bluetooth, Miracast, Wi-Fi;
  • Over time, the TV begins to slow down and lag, fixes the situation only a complete reboot;
  • No ability to personalize the standard menu for easy use of the most popular applications;
  • Flat sound, making it comfortable to listen only to dialogues, but not music;
  • The presence of only one USB-port.
An excellent budget version of the TV for undemanding users who want a large screen with high picture quality and excellent sound. It has a stylish minimalistic housing design, conveniently located ports for connection, as well as a convenient graphical shell operating system with clear menus.

LG 70UP75006LC 4k ultra hd TV

The TV runs on WebOS, so basic functions are provided that can be demanded by most users. Interface response speed is almost instantaneous. The menu is intuitive and you won’t have to get used to it.
The TV body is made of plastic with a matte surface. The design style is modern and minimalistic. The assembly is of high quality as there are no gaps and the details do not squeak when you touch them. On the back side there are ports for connecting various devices: HDMI, USB and RJ-45 network connector. There are also VESA bracket mounts. This TV can be connected to most types of modern smart home systems.
Pros and cons
  • Large screen with bright and saturated colors;
  • Stylish body with a frameless design;
  • Possibility to use together with “smart house” systems;
  • Support of dynamic contrast HDR10 Pro;
  • Built-in USB hub;
  • Direct LED matrix backlighting;
  • Average sound quality from the built-in speakers;
  • Wide viewing angles of the matrix.
  • The settings menu is difficult for beginners, requires getting used to, because it is overloaded with different items;
  • The image sharpness and brightness is worse than in the younger models of this line of TVs of the previous year;
  • The absence in the delivery set of the remote control Magic.

Hisense 75A7GQ TV best 75-inch

Sharp picture you’ve never seen before – thanks to a resolution four times greater than Full HD.
Quantum dots are one of the most advanced nanomaterials available. Thanks to quantum dot technology, Hisense TVs can display over a billion colors on screen, creating a wide color gamut and ensuring realistic color reproduction.
The use of advanced optics and color enhancement technology broadens the color spectrum and makes pictures more lifelike.
The tiniest of details remain in the darkest and brightest areas of the picture, so it literally comes alive on screen.
When Hisense detects a sports broadcast TV signal, it switches to sports mode so you can feel right in the middle of the stadium.
Automatic Low Latency Input Mode (ALLM) automatically switches the TV to game mode when it detects a signal from a gaming device. This helps minimize input lag so you can enjoy smooth gaming.
Artificial Intelligence image optimization technology instantly detects the type of content, analyzes each picture frame and video input signal, and then optimizes settings to reproduce the features of each scene as accurately as possible.
TÜV Rheinland-certified Hisense TVs effectively reduce the risk of eye damage and protect your eyes by reducing blue light emissions even during long hours of viewing.
Hisense TV with Dolby Atmos technology has multiple speakers running simultaneously, each with its own individual sound. Sound is delivered to every corner of your room, creating three-dimensional cinematic sound. The clearer sound even lets you hear the actors’ breathing or the rustle of fluttering hair.
VIDAA is a fast and simple smart TV system that cuts the time it takes to start up your TV and gives you quick access to a host of apps so you can get the most out of your entertainment experience.
You don’t need external devices and other assistants when you have VIDAA. Want to watch a movie, listen to music or find out the weather? Just ask her!
Hisense TVs automatically detect ambient light levels and select the best brightness and contrast, no matter how the light around you changes. Just sit back, relax and let the TV do its job.
Expand your options. With HDMI ports, USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect even more devices and external sources.

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