TOP 10 PC Best gaming chairs 2022


TOP 10 Best gaming chairs 2022

Every PC user, especially the gamer, needs a comfortable and well-built gaming chair with the right specification. Gaming can be an incredibly sedentary lifestyle, not moving anything but your thumbs and forearms for hours at a time. Sitting on a lumpy chair for a few minutes is already uncomfortable and if you stay there for a long gaming session, you’re in for a world of hurt.
Today’s users pay attention not only to the comfort and practicality of the respective furniture products, but also to their design, the availability of adjustment mechanisms and the materials of which gaming chairs are made.
Experts who have studied the market of such products in the current year, came to the conclusion about the most rated models of armchairs for computer games. This article will tell you about the options that professionals have recognized as the best. To see how this chair compares to our number one gaming chair choice, be sure to check out our.


How to choose a gaming chair in the price/quality ratio?

Buying a gaming chair, be sure to study the main parameters of the product:
  1. Upholstery. Most models are made of artificial leather, but there are also textile versions or a combination of both types of coating. Leather often comes at a premium, but it is super durable and adds a bit of sophistication to your setup.
  2. Adjusting the height of the seat. Here it is important to consider not only the convenience of using a gazlift, but also its carrying capacity.
  3. Material of the frame and crossbar. The most reliable are considered metal elements. If the crosspiece is plastic – be sure to check the quality of the material used by the manufacturer and whether there is no creaking.
  4. Armrests. It is convenient when you can adjust their position, but it often affects the final cost of the product.
  5. Backrest. For a gaming chair is better to choose a high back with side support for the back and ventilation holes, then you will not sweat too much in the summer.
  6. Support for the lumbar. Can be provided by a cushion or a protruding part of the back.
  7. Additional adjustments. It is the depth and tilt of the seat, reclining the backrest and fixing it in the right position.

1. Top gaming chairs with high comfort and ergonomics

As gamers and office workers, we spend a significant chunk of each day sitting on our money makers in front of screens. Already wider, much better and more diverse. High comfort chairs are not at all a throne for the player, but a great solution for anyone who spends a lot of time at the monitor. Most of these chairs are “mesh” and ergonomic with much finer adjustments for back tilt and height.
Some models have adjustable armrests. However, things are just as bad with the extra features as with the previous option. Although in this case you can not worry about the health of your back, because most chairs have orthopedic properties.
By the way, the mesh models are almost the best solution in terms of ergonomics. It is very difficult to “stick” to this chair, the soft elements do not “sit”, and to clean its surface after a spilled liquid is not difficult. Although they do not have a special luster, which is inherent in the luxury versions, but they are much more functional and mobile.
If you’re on the hunt for the best gaming chair, you’ll likely find that there are more options than ever at the moment.

1. Orion x gaming chair (comfortable for gamers)


Adjustable footrest, seat tilt, shaft tilt and screen

The footrest can be adjusted by means of manual buttons on the workstation arms, which
activate the hydraulic system. The angle of the footrest is increased by 85°, the tilt of the spindle by 30° and the seat can be adjusted to an angle between 90° and 120°. The screen console can be adjusted by 30°, combined with a 15° screen to give the user the best possible viewing angle screen to give the user the perfect viewing angle.
DXRacer seat
Thanks to the cooperation with DXRacer, the seat provides the user with first-class comfort. Equipped with DXRacer Classic D series seat, which has a high-density MOMO skeleton structure. Cold foam sponge and fire and water resistant PVC leather.

LED light with motion-activated sensor

Manual and motion-activated LED light with choice of white or warm yellow light. On the touch switch lights up when the manual button is on. If no movement is detected within 2 metres of the switch, the LED light switches off, saving energy.
Bluetooth audio system
Orion X is equipped with built-in Bluetooth speakers and features Bluetooth integration.
Single Screen Support (VESA wall hanger required) 22 in – 49 in Control Panel Electric Button Control Monitor Position Adjustment Manual Control Footrest Control Electric Control Cabin Lights LED Light Colour Turqoise/Pink Sound System Bluetooth Integration Seat DXRacer Backrest Recline (manually) 75° – 127° Maximum Size (m) 1.8 x 1 x 1.8 Maximum Length When Fully Expanded (m) 1.8 Static Size (m) 1.5 x 1 x 1.8 Standard Sitting Length (m) 1.5 Voltage AC220V Rated Power 50W Weight (kg) 180 U-eway gaming chair
About this item
The seat surface is covered with high quality eco-friendly leather, which is skin-friendly and provides a comfortable feeling. It is also very comfortable and breathable for summer use without causing a suffocating feeling. By using this chair, you can avoid the hot sun during this summer season and enjoy working and playing at home with ease.
The ergonomic gaming chair is designed for superior functional comfort with its multiple adjustment systems and comfortable fit. Our desk chair is ideal for long gaming sessions, but also for the computer desk for long hours of desk work.
Easy to use height adjustment function to suit your needs. Adjustable operating chair, 360° tilt and swivel lock system, you can lock the back angle from 90° to 150°. Adjust the relaxation according to your needs.
Made of highest quality materials, durable and long lasting, safe to use. Sturdy construction and excellent seat. The base features smooth rolling wheels and gas struts, which provide an extremely stable structure that allows the chair to withstand 330LBS.
Back dimensions: 21.5 “D x 20.75 “W x 31.5 “H; foot dimensions: 15 “W x 9 “L; adjustable height: 17″-19.63”. Tilt adjustment: 90°-150° backwards, suitable for work/play/sleep.This chair is REALLY easy to install, very easy to assemble with the instructions included, assembly is not difficult, customer service is provided and if you have any problem, please feel free to contact our customer service.
Backrest size: 21.5″D x 20.75″W x 31.5″H
Footrest size :15″L x 9”W
Adjustable height range : 17″-19.63″H

2. Venom style gaming chair

Stylish gamer’s chair is suitable for children and adults. Video game enthusiasts, as well as representatives of the IT-sphere will appreciate the striking design and technical characteristics of the model. The design is well thought-out and robust, it withstands intense pressure. Nice pushpieces, adjustable at the user’s discretion. TILT stop motion with lockout function is provided.
The height of the seat is also adjustable, the backrest is reclining, there is also a footrest. RGB-Lighting of different colors complements the general design of the model. The product is made of soft, flexible eco-leather.o earn that role it ticked all the boxes you could ask of gaming furniture: it’s comfy, supportive, and importantly looks great too.
  • Chair made of eco-leather.
  • Comfortable soft armrests adjustable.
  • Swing mechanism (TILT) with the function of blocking.
  • Pneumatic (pneumatic cartridge) height adjustment.
  • The ideal gift for gamers, office workers, home.
  • A comfortable headrest.
  • Single folding backrest.
  • RGB backlight of different colors, remote control.
  • Powered by USB cord
Product Features:
  • The height of the chair: 126x116cm
  • The width of the chair: 67x55cm
  • Armchair width: 88x51cm
  • The depth of the seat: 51cm
  • Seat height: 60×50 cm
  • Height of the backrest: 83 cm
  • Back width: 55 cm
  • Cradle diameter: 66 cm
  • Height of footrests: 24 cm
  • Chair weight: 22 kg
  • Maximum load: 120 kg
  • Seat rotates 360 °
  • Convenient backrest and cross cushion
  • Package size: 84x65x32 cm

Design meets function

The black-and-black armchair is a winner in itself with its design. Every element of the design has been thought out to the finest detail and is designed to achieve the greatest possible ergonomics and usability.
Solid base
The steel frame and metal crutch are as gentle as the character of the player. They can withstand many years, days and years of use without changing their level of reliability.
Comfortable and reliable.
Eco-friendly upholstery has the function of a real serviceman’s uniform – it is weatherproof, resistant to shocks and wear and tear, and easy to clean.
Play without straining.
Optimal stiffness with our cheekboard liner makes for comfortable conditions for extended playing sessions.
Regulate the angle of impact.
It is not necessary to go far away from the monitors, and overflow. Just lean back the backrest (up to 180˚) and you can relax and gain strength for the next battles.
Plenty of comfort does not happen
The level of preparation determines the outcome of the game. Do not forget to use cushions for the front and back to go into the game “at maximum”.
Three control positions.
Different tasks – different settings. The 3D control of the pads allows you to always keep your hands in the optimal position both for playing and for resting.
Optimal height
Thanks to the class 4 gaslift, adjust the height of the chair like a true professional – quietly, easily and smoothly. The right choice of seating height influences not only the comfort of the body, but also the angle of view, so that you can control the movement of the event as much as possible.
– Ergonomically designed for superior comfort
– Able to swivel 360 degrees and allows for near 180-degree backward movement
– Added support cushions to help with your posture
– Ideal for office or home use
– Dimensions: 850.8 x 690 x 730mm
– Weight: 23000g
What’s in the box
1 x Gaming Chair

3. Black panther gaming chair review

The MARVEL Ultimate Series Neo Chair (MV-RAP-BP) gaming chair is the best choice for your gaming equipment. The MARVEL Ultimate Series high-backed gaming chair is ergonomically designed to provide extra comfort and secure body support. The eye-catching design and detailed embroidery always make a statement.
The flexible, padded and sturdy backrest and molded foam seat offer maximum seating comfort.
The MARVEL Ultimate Gaming Chair has a wider and thicker seat than any other Neo Chair. The MARVEL Ultimate Series Gaming Chair uses premium PU leather that is soft, safe, and durable. The water- and stain-resistant leather is easy to care for and provides a luxurious look and feel.
All components of the MARVEL Ultimate Series gaming chair are BIFMA certified. The nylon base and Class 4 gas lift can support a maximum load of 330 pounds. The two-wheel casters glide smoothly and quietly on any floor. The 1.5 mm coated steel frame firmly supports the user’s posture and prevents the chair from losing its shape. Six characters are available, so you can choose and bring your favorite character into your room. The MARVEL Ultimate Series Neo Chair will be the best chair for your gaming equipment.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Superior quality polyurethane leather resistant to scratches and stains
  • Vivid design and detailed embroidery
  • Wider and thicker seat
  • Molded foam back and seat
  • Smooth-running and quiet two-wheel casters
  • Marvel Black Panther Edition
  • Tested for work and play

4. Call of duty gaming chair

DXRacer Special Editions Call of Duty chair will be a real catch for fans of the famous game, because it not only has an interesting design, designed in the style of Call of Duty, and the corresponding logo on the orthopedic backrest, upholstered with eco leather, but also is an ergonomic, functional, comfortable furniture.
Such chairs for gamers will give the opportunity to spend up to eight hours at the computer in active game (or work) mode without overloading the musculoskeletal system, and thus without the risk of “tunnel” syndrome and problems with the spine. Ergonomics of this furniture is provided by an improved backrest, which can change the position in a range of up to 135 °, moving armrests, fixed in 3 planes, and a rocking mechanism Top-Gun (sets the desired position without damaging the metal frame). This gaming chair can be moved around the room quickly, quietly and without damaging the flooring, and an additional factor in reliability is a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.
Adjustable “gaslift” seat height and the ability to handle up to 120 kg. makes this gaming chair an excellent choice for adult fans of COD and the younger generation of gamers. However, it will be very comfortable to sit in the office.
Product Features:
  • Utilizes DXRacer System: High-Quality logo embroidery with an average stich count of 50,000. Change the look of your chair in seconds for each game or tournament.
  • Completely Customizable: Customize the look of this chair to your exact liking, whether its adding color, removing padding, etc. We engineered the perfect chair for you.
  • Personalization: Add a name, number, or gamertag to your DXRacer logo panel. Personalization available above or below the logo of your choice as well as with out a logo.
  • Color Base Inserts: All Xpression Gaming Chairs come with six sets of color inserts allowing you customize the base of your chair anyway you like.
  • Memory Foam Pillows: Everyone is different physically, but lower back pain is equally problematic no matter who you are. The Xpression features a removable and repositionable ergonomic memory foam cushion for the back and head.
  • Adjustable Arms: Each armrest is fully height-adjustable and is also filled with gel cushioning, ensuring easy comfort for persons of all weights and sizes.
  • Contrast Stitching: The Xpressions contrast stitching creates an eye catching, sharp, sporty aesthetic look that few Racing Style Gaming Chairs have.
  • Lay Flat Recline: The Xpression allows you to lie fully back and rest or stretch preventing you from getting stiff when stationed in one position for prolonged PC gaming periods.
  • Recommended Weight Capacity: 350 Lbs
Product Dimensions
  • Width: 28.5″, Depth: 28″, Height: 50-53″
  • Seat Width: 22″, Seat Height: 18.5-21.5″, Arm Width: 4″
  • Rec lined Height: 39.75″, Reclined Depth: 44″, Reclined Seat Depth: 19″

5. Amaze Dragon ball z gaming chair

Officially licensed amaze DBZ Dragon Ball Z gamer chair, ideal for long online games and battle royale battles on PC or console.Prevents back pain: its ergonomic backrest perfectly adapts to the shape of your back thanks to reinforcement at the level of the lumbar vertebrae, preventing back pain and fatigue.
Extremely comfortable and durable seat: the high-density foam, 8 cm thick, is specially designed to support a durable seat and optimized for a long seat life.Adjustable armrests: The armrests are fully adjustable and swivel to fit all body types.
Robust construction: the steel e-sport gaming chair is designed to resist wear and tear, the Class 4 “Gas lift” height adjustment mechanism is also optimized for maximum durability in daily use.High-quality finish: its polyurethane coating is very easy to clean, with fully embroidered stitching and logo.
Very practical: equipped with 5 PU wheels and a reclining system, this chair offers real freedom of movement for play as well as work….
– Adjustable seat height: 42 – 50 cm.
– Heavy duty, 5 wheel base.
– Can support up to 150Kg.
– 8cms high density foam
– Solid, easy-to-clean faux leather upholstery
(a simple damp cloth can remove most everyday stains).
– Tilts up to 180°.
– Weight: 18 kg
– Seat height: 42-50 cm.
– Seat depth: 52 cm.
– Backrest height: 82 cm.
– Backrest width: 53 cm.
– Width: 69 cm.

 6. Gaming chair sidemen

The multifunctional tilt mechanism features two control levers with tilt lock positions, giving you full control of the tilt mechanism. Of the chair’s suspension. The mechanism can be locked in the tilt position or even repositioned in the upright position. Ensuring optimum comfort every time you sit down.
Offering unparalleled adjustability, the 4D armrests are designed to give you the support you deserve. Rugged and durable, with coated with high quality polyurethane, our armrests offer long-lasting comfort.
Sidemen gaming chair CARCASS
Our steel frame has been carefully designed to provide you with maximum comfort and ergonomic support while you sit. 2 mm thick steel tube
Tubes are thicker and strongest than the industry standard.
With our proprietary reinforced PVC leather and high quality cold-formed foam, no expense is spared to make our chairs as comfortable and durable as possible.
Comfortable and durable.
Our five-star aluminium base ensures impeccable stability and durability. Made with a special aluminium compound, it is resistant to corrosion and rust of all kinds.
The Class 4 hydraulic piston is the best in its class in terms of safety, stability and consistency.
All our seats are equipped with head and lumbar support cushions. They are specially designed to provide an embossed cushion that is ideal for supporting the arch of the back and can be placed exactly where you need it.
Your chair can glide across the floor with minimal effort thanks to the polyurethane wheels. They are practical and will last for many years of use.

7. COUGAR ARMOR One EVA (One of the most popular chair)

A worthy example of the best value for money among gaming chairs can be called this model from the exclusive collection, assembled from the best materials and taking into account all the wishes of gamers.
The product’s merits include not only its stylish design but also its metal crossbar which can carry up to 120kg and a design that is as comfortable as possible so you can sit in it for a long time.
In addition to the anatomically shaped high backrest there is a padded headrest to relieve the cervical spine and a lumbar support. The seat is wide, of moderate depth and height adjustable.
The backrest can be reclined up to 180 degrees, the manufacturer did not forget about the armrests. The armchair moves on rollers with rubber padding and has enough adjustments to allow the user to adjust the basic parameters to his body for more comfort during the gaming session.
Main characteristics:
  1. Upholstery – artificial leather.
  2. Headrest/armrests – yes/no.
  3. Lumbar support – yes.
  4. Maximum load capacity – 120 kg.
  5. Chair frame – metal.
  6. Chair/seat height – from 128 to 131/ from 64 to 70 cm.
  7. Seat width – 57 cm.
  8. Weight of the construction, kg – 21.
  • Beautiful, stylish design;
  • stability and reliability;
  • synchronous rocking mechanism;
  • moderate softness of the seat, the muscles do not get tired;
  • two cushions in the kit, made of synthetic suede.
  • No significant problems were found.

8. Noblechairs Hero

Stylish representative of gaming chairs from the expensive segment, which due to the number of adjustments and the quality of materials fully recoups the budget spent on the product. Classic austere design can be complemented by bright accents, and a high backrest with an anatomic recess in the middle provides reliable support and support for the gamer’s back.
There are padded headrest and lumbar support, straight armrests, adjustable inclination and height. They can even be set at different heights in relation to each other. The model is suitable for taller users because, among all other settings, there is also a seat depth adjustment.
The height is changed with the help of a reliable gaslift. The chair can withstand a load of up to 150 kg, has a metal crosspiece and strong castors that can easily move on any flooring.
The main characteristics:
  1. Upholstery – synthetic leather.
  2. Headrest/armrests – yes/no.
  3. Lumbar support – yes.
  4. Maximum load capacity – 150 kg.
  5. Chair frame – metal.
  6. Chair/seat height – from 129 to 137 cm / from 48 to 56.
  7. Seat width, cm – 52.
  8. Weight of the construction, kg – 30.
  • stability and reliability;
  • build quality;
  • long service life;
  • two cushions in the set;
  • a lot of user settings.
  • cost;
  • the weight of the construction is greater than that of analogues.

9. Zombie Viking 7 KNIGHT

Soft and comfortable chair for long gaming or working at the computer. The high backrest is not only anatomically shaped, but also has side support for the back, as well as a reliable reclining mechanism with fixation in the desired position, up to a tilt of 180 degrees.
The manufacturer did not forget about the hole for ventilation, a cushion for the neck and a support for the lumbar area. A smart combination of textile and faux leather inserts is used as the upholstery.
You can choose from several colors, chair frame and metal, capable of withstanding a continuous load of up to 150 kg. The chair is designed for long-term use, it can be seen in the quality of assembly and materials. Despite the large number of user settings, the product will please a reasonable price (2019, 2020, 2021).
The main characteristics:

  1. Upholstery – textile and synthetic leather.
  2. Headrest / armrests – yes / yes.
  3. Support for the lumbar – yes.
  4. The maximum load capacity – 150 kg.
  5. Chair frame – metal.
  6. Chair/seat height – from 126.50 to 136/ from 53 to 62.5 cm.
  7. Seat width – 54,5 cm.
  8. Weight of the construction, kg – 27.

10. Zombie VIKING-2 AERO

Budget model of gaming chair with several color options of upholstery in synthetic leather and textile. The textile is dense and easy to clean from dirt. Comfortable, comfortable, moderately deep. Often bought for teenagers.
There is a lumbar support, but is not made as a pillow, but in the form of a curved protrusion on the back. There is a headrest and a hole for ventilation in the neck area.
Metal frame of the product, but the crosspiece is plastic, which does not prevent the chair to bear weight of the user up to 180 kg. The model is suitable for long and regular use, has a synchronous rocking mechanism with a choice of degrees of rigidity, the back is not reclining, and the desired height of the seat is provided by a gaslift.
Main features:

  1. Upholstery – textile and imitation leather.
  2. Headrest/armrests – yes/no.
  3. Lumbar support – yes.
  4. Maximum load capacity – 180 kg.
  5. The armrest is made of plastic.
  6. Armchair/seat height – 116 cm to 125.5 cm/ 49.5 cm to 59 cm.
  7. Seat width – 50,5 cm.
  8. The weight of the construction – 16 kg.
  • comfortable armrests;
  • all necessary settings;
  • reasonable price;
  • high-quality textile.
  • the backrest does not recline;
  • Not suitable for tall people.

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