Fitbit Symbols Meaning | What Do The Fitbit Icons Mean?

Fitbit Symbols Meaning | What Do The Fitbit Icons Mean?

To access the list of Fitbit symbols and their meanings, go to the top right of the app screen, tap your profile picture, then tap your device picture.
From there, select the “Watch face” option. Scroll through the various watch faces until you see “More,” then select it. Then scroll down until you see “All watches” and select it.
Also, be sure to check out our special fitbit symbols page for more details on what each icon means. You can also find new watch faces for your Fitbit on our special page here.
There are several different types of Fitbit symbols that you may see on your device or in the app. Find out what they mean:
-The heart rate symbol indicates that your heart rate is being monitored.
-Pitch symbol indicates that your heart rate is being monitored.
-The calories burned icon indicates how many calories you have burned.
-The water intake icon means that you are monitoring your water intake.
-The active minutes icon means you are tracking your active minutes.

What does the flame symbol mean on Fitbit?

The flame symbol on a Fitbit is the device’s way of indicating that it is in pairing mode.

Fitbit symbols and icons and their meanings


Symbol Fitbit icon meaning More info
Active Minutes The lightning bolt icon will let you know when you’ve spent at least 10 consecutive minutes on an activity.
Alarms app The device will vibrate to gently wake you up or alert you at a set time.
Calories Burned The flame icon shows the estimated number of calories you burned, depending on the activity and the length of time you did it.
Distance Keep track of the distance traveled.
Exercise App View real-time statistics and training summaries for the selected exercise
Heart Rate Keep a record your heart rate day and night.
Floors climbed Keep track of the floors you have climbed
Hourly Activity Goals It helps to reduce the amount of time you have to be still during the day.
Hours slept Keep track of the hours you slept
Agenda App Manage your daily schedule and find out all the upcoming milestones.
Music controls Get motivated with favourite songs and podcasts from your personal collection, stored right on your wrist.
Outdoor Bike Located within the exercise application
Quick settings Quick access to the device settings.
Reminders to move Located within the exercise application
Run Located within the exercise application
SpO2 Tracker Monitor your blood oxygen saturation while you sleep
Sports Located within the exercise application
Swimming Located within the exercise application
Water Lock When water is detected, the Fitbit locks the screen, but does not turn off the detector.
Weather app Scroll between the “current location” and several configurable locations to easily navigate the weather forecast.
Steps Taken Keep track of the steps you took during the day.
Walk Located within the exercise application
Elliptical Located within the exercise application
Aerobic Workout Located within the exercise application
DND (Do not disturb) Choose when and how you want to be notified of incoming notifications and alerts.
Sleep mode Similar to DND, but for the night.
Screen Wake The setting allows the screen to turn on when you turn your wrist.
Settings app Access to the device settings
Deezer app Get all your favourite music on your wrist
Pandora app Listen to Pandora stations on the Fitbit watch
Strava app Your Fitbit activities will automatically appear in Strava for all your friends to see.
Spotify app Play, pause and skip music and podcasts
Fitbit Pay Contactless payment service that allows you to make payments using your Fitbit
Today tab View all data and active tasks on a single, upgraded dashboard
Active Zone Minutes ​The chevron badge measures the time you spend on any cardio-respiratory activity.




How do I navigate my Fitbit device?

There are a few ways to navigate your Fitbit device. The first way is to use the touchscreen. To do this, simply tap and swipe the screen to scroll through the different menus and options. You can also use the physical buttons on the side of the device to scroll through the menus. To select an option, simply press the button in. Finally, you can also use the Fitbit app on your smartphone or tablet to control your device.

What do the Fitbit symbols mean?

The flame is the number of calories burned. Heart – heart rate. Lightning is active minutes. Shoes are steps. Stairs are the floor.

What does the fire symbol on the Fitbit mean?

Regarding your question about the meaning of the flame-like icon, this icon refers to the statistics of calories burned. Refer to page #38 of the Versa 2 user manual so you can see what your device is tracking.

How accurately does the Fitbit burn calories?

No fitness tracker is accurate in tracking calories burned, but the Fitbit is probably one of the best in terms of accuracy. Fitbit underestimates calories burned by just 4%, but overestimates calories burned by 50%

Is heart rate accurate on the Fitbit?

The Fitbit Charge HR was accurate 84% of the time and the Basis Peak was accurate 83% of the time. The researchers found that the more intense a person’s exercise, the less accurate the tracker’s readings were. The Fitbit tended to underestimate heart rate, while the Basis tended to overestimate it.

Are the Fitbit’s steps accurate?

According to a Fitbit accuracy study published by the NCBI, researchers found that Fitbit devices were “acceptably accurate” in counting steps about 50% of the time. They also found that accuracy increased depending on where the device was worn: when jogging, the device was more accurate when worn on the wrist.

What do the three up arrows on the Fitbit mean?

The three up arrows or chevron symbol between the Fitbit Charge 5 icons indicate the minutes in the active zone.

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