Hisense presents a new line of TVs

In keeping with today’s lifestyle and entertainment trends. TVs are equipped with the best technology for watching movies and documentaries, sports events, and gaming.

The Hisense Mini-LED U9 is a key model in the new Hisense 2021 TV lineup.


Mini-LED technology for amazing picture quality

The Hisense Mini-LED TV contains over 10,000 LEDs with only 2mm between each light source, providing a maximum brightness of over 3,000 nits. Watching a movie, a match or playing a game, the viewer notices the difference in truly high picture quality, stunning and natural colors. With Full Matrix Local Dimming Pro technology, you get rich blacks and better resolution than on traditional LED TVs because the dimming areas are much smaller and provide high image detail. After Hisense’s Dual Cell ULED technology, the Hisense Mini-LED is the optimal solution to reduce the thickness and increase the brightness of your TV. Hisense Mini-LED with less harmful blue light is certified by TÜV Rheinland as a low-intensity blue wave technology solution, which guarantees you greater health care while watching. In addition, neither sunlight nor artificial light will disturb you by reflecting on the screen while you watch TV.

Upgraded sound

The new Hisense Mini-LED features 3.1.2 multi-channel surround sound and directly dispersed speakers, delivering powerful sound with music, voices and sounds that fill your entire room from every corner. Thanks to numerous sound enhancement features such as Dolby Atmos® Immersive Sound and DTS® Virtual: X™, the viewer feels at the center of the action.

This model is one of the best mid-range 4K TVs from Hisense. Offering a high-quality suite of video and sound solutions.

Certified 4K HDR immersive solution combined with Quantum Dot color technology and Dolby Vision™ HDR. Provide amazing picture quality and incredible clarity.

The new Hisense UHD 4K TV includes Dolby Atmos® Immersive Sound and DTS Virtual: X™ technologies for comprehensive. Realistic and multi-dimensional sound. Because sounds span the entire room and come from every direction. Including above and below, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of every story or song.

Gaming fans need a good 4K TV. And the Hisense A7 is perfect for such purposes. ALLM can automatically turn on Game Mode. To minimize input delay when you connect your gaming device. With game mode, you really improve your chances of winning as the input delay is less than 15ms. Allowing for quick response times and an advantage over the competition. In addition, the game mode provides quality viewing of sports events. As this mode is adapted for dynamic action and sports games. Guaranteeing the same amazing picture quality in movies as well.

Better optimized picture quality

The new line of Hisense TVs uses various picture optimization technologies to deliver the most vivid, unparalleled picture quality. With intelligent picture optimization and Dolby Vision IQ technology. The picture quality is dynamically optimized and regulated. While IMAX® Enhanced certified software ensures that the high performance requirements of IMAX and DTS® engineers and Hollywood’s top technicians. Ensuring you get the best possible movie experience. With Director Mode, you can always watch movies and TV shows the way the creators intended.

The latest VIDAA U5.0 Smart TV operating system with voice control 

Hisense has developed its own advanced VIDAA operating system which guarantees a simple and seamless entertainment experience. Your favorite content can be accessed with just one touch, or rather one voice command.

With Hisense’s proprietary VIDAA operating system, you can easily and efficiently access your favorite TV channels. Most popular services and programs – YouTube, Netflix, Prime video, UEFA.tv and more. Users can customize the content platform, choose from multiple voice solutions, and set up remote control via their smartphone.

The better the picture, the better the sound system

The new Hisense televisions will amaze you with Dolby Vision Atmos® technology, which intelligently optimizes any visual content with superior sound quality. With built-in multi-channel speakers and surround sound. More realistic and powerful sound is delivered. Immersing you in a world of realistic cinematic sound. Always perfect sound, no matter where you’re sitting in the room.


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