How do smart scales work ?

Can the smart scales be trusted?

However, scientists and doctors agree that such scales are not useless after all. Even if they are not as accurate as we would like them to be, they can still help people at least approximately track the effectiveness of their exercise and diet regimen over time.

How can scales show the percentage of fat?

The sensors use bioelectric resistance: when a person stands on the scale, a small electric current passes through their legs. This is how the sensors measure the resistance to fat: the higher it is, the higher the percentage of fat in the body.

How do smart scales determine muscle mass?

The scales work with the percentage of subcutaneous fat, which accounts for about 80% of all body fat. Why do you need to know the % of fat? This figure is even more important to athletes than what the arrow of the scale shows. If you know how much subcutaneous fat you have, then subtract it from your body weight and you get muscle mass.

How do smart scales measure body water?

The method used is bioimpedanceometry. Simply put, it is an analysis of the resistance of body tissues to a weak current. The process involves built-in electrodes, high-precision strain gauges (which convert the amount of strain into a convenient signal for measurement), and a high-performance processor that “digests” the information.

Who should not use a smart scale?

Important: Because of the electric current flowing through the body during diagnosis, children under the age of 6, people with pacemakers and pregnant women are not allowed to use the smart scales.

How does the smart scale determine biological age?

It is based on a constant value from the weight/age to basal metabolic rate table. This data is already stored in the scale’s memory. Step 2: The smart scale uses your actual age to select the same table value for your basal metabolic rate.

What can the smart scales do?

The principle of “smart scales with a weight analyzer” or just body composition analyzers is just based on measuring the electrical resistance of tissues when a safe, low-intensity electric current is passed through them. The data obtained is processed and analyzed by the “smart scales”.

How are smart scales different from regular scales?

Unlike conventional scales, smart scales not only measure weight, but also estimate other indicators – body mass index, muscle and fat mass, the amount of water in the body and so on.

When is the best time to weigh yourself on a smart scale?

It is better right after sleeping – at this time the body weighs the least, because during the night the body spent a lot of calories for digestion and work of all organs. By the way, during sleep we lose about 1 kcal per hour per 1 kg of weight.

What is the normal percentage of body fat?

According to the expert, there are also lower limits of normal body fat, beyond which it is better not to go. For men it is 4-7%, for women it is 10-12%.

What do we measure on a scale as mass or weight?

Scales work in the way that they measure the weight of the body-the force with which we act on them-and they show us the mass. We can conclude that a scale is a dynamometer (a device that measures force).

What are the best smart scales?

What are the best smart scales to buy in 2022?
a good budget smart scales – Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2;
best model by price and quality – Picooc S3;
best premium smart scales – Beurer BF 105

What do smart scales show?

Smart scales are divided into simple and diagnostic scales. The former only measure body weight, but use it to analyze fitness, training efficiency, and health status. The second assesses the ratio of muscle, bone and fat tissue, water content, metabolic rate and other indicators of physical fitness.

How do the scales determine the amount of protein?

The scales measure all of this with a bioimpedance sensor. The bioimpedance test is an analysis of the body’s conduction of a weak current. Electrical current passes through muscle, bone, and fat tissue in different ways.

Why do scales need bluetooth?

The gadget allows you to measure muscle mass, fat deposits, body mass index. Bluetooth is used to synchronize with your phone.

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