How to charge your phone correctly ?

How do I charge my phone correctly so it doesn’t ruin the battery?

You can maximize battery life by keeping the charge somewhere between 40 and 80%. If you do not plan to actively use your smartphone in the near future, charge it to 50%. If you decide not to use the phone at all for a while, remove the battery.

Should I charge my phone to 100%?

Why shouldn’t I charge my smartphone to 100%? The phone battery (like any other battery) degrades over time. There is no way to keep the battery in perfect condition, but by following a few simple tips you can significantly slow its degradation

Why do I need to charge my phone to 80?

It is best for the battery pack to keep the charge at 40-80 percent. This will avoid constant strain on the battery and increase the life of the battery. If the smartphone is charged to 100%, the battery is at maximum voltage, which wears out the battery structure.

When is the best time to charge your phone?

Roskachestvo experts advise to charge your smartphone when the charge does not go below 20% and does not go above 80%. This is the optimal situation for the battery.

How not to kill the battery in your phone?

Turn off your device to conserve battery power. Place your device in a cool place where there is no moisture and the temperature does not exceed 32 °C. If you do not plan to use your device for more than six months, recharge it to 50% every six months.

What’s killing the battery?

But it’s overheating that hurts the battery the most. Chemical reactions at high temperatures in batteries go much faster. The battery in the heat not only degrades faster, but can detonate, and even explode! Do not keep your smartphone charging under a pillow in hot weather.

What’s better for fast or slow charging my phone?

Advantages of fast charging
The main advantage is the shorter charging time. This is a big plus. Being able to charge your phone battery more than 50 percent in 30 minutes or less is an advantage. In a fast-paced world, every second counts.

Can I play with my phone while it’s charging?

You can use your phone while it’s charging, too. The main thing is to use quality chargers and make sure that the phone doesn’t overheat: an old or low-quality battery can catch fire from this.

How do I take my phone off the charger?

It is best to take the phone off the charger when the charge level reaches 98-99%. Of course, if you don’t disconnect the power source after fully charging the device, it won’t cause your smartphone to explode, but it will accelerate the wear and tear of the battery.

Is it possible to discharge a phone to 0?

Arseny Scheltsin, General Director of ANO Digital Platforms, explained whether it is necessary to discharge the battery of a new phone to 0% and charge it to 100%. According to the expert, this is nothing more than a misconception – for the new lithium polymer batteries installed in modern devices, this is a myth.

How many times should I completely discharge my new phone?

Cell phone manufacturers recommend that you completely discharge and charge your smartphone the first time you use it. This is to calibrate the charge controller and, as a result, to consume the battery capacity more optimally afterwards.

What happens if I constantly charge my phone with a fast charger?

In simple words, is fast charging harmful or not?
Harmful, because the more powerful the charger, the more the electrochemical system of such batteries is worn out. In the case of quality models it simply reduces the service life

What’s wrong with fast charging?

The main harm to the battery can bring heating, which increases during fast charging. However, the controllers of modern chargers monitor the temperature, condition and other parameters of the battery, not allowing to exceed the permissible threshold.

What are the disadvantages of fast charging?

Fast charging creates inhomogeneities inside the battery. This leads to accelerated degradation of the battery. Battery life can reach 1000 cycles with 1A charging, with 5A charging the battery life already drops to 600.

How many times a day can I charge my phone?

It is important not to let the battery charge below 20%, so you can charge your phone more often. Otherwise, the battery will wear out quickly. You won’t harm your battery by charging it 2-3 times a day.

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