How to choose the right tv for your home? TV buying guide 2022

How to choose the right tv for your home? TV buying guide 2022

How to choose the right tv for your home?

For the bedroom and children’s room is suitable medium-sized TV with a diagonal of 32-45 inches. In the main room at home will look appropriate a large TV with a 55-inch diagonal. And if the area allows, to create a home theater, you should consider options with the maximum possible diagonal up to 100 inches. These days, don’t buy a TV that doesn’t have HDR.

What TV to buy in 2022 55 inches?

LG 55UP76006LC LED, HDR. LG devices are some of the most reliable.
Samsung UE55AU7100U LED, HDR. Another fresh model to keep an eye on. 
Samsung UE55TU7090U LED, HDR.
HUAWEI Vision S 55 LED, HDR. 
Philips 55PUS7956/60 HDR. 
TCL 55P728 LED, HDR. 
Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 T2 LED, HDR.

What is the best 43 inch TV to buy in 2022?

Samsung UE43T5300AUC is the best 43 inch FHD TV with Smart TV;
BBK 43LEM-1089/FT2C – budget solution without Smart TV;
Xiaomi Mi TV P1 43C – with 4K support and optimal price/quality ratio;

What is the best 50-inch TV to buy in 2022?

LG OLED48C1RLA – the best premium TV with OLED matrix;
Samsung UE50AU9010U – a balanced 50-inch TV from Samsung;
LG 50NANO756PA – A great 4K TV for the price and quality among LG;

What’s the best 55-inch TV?

LG 55NANO856PA NanoCell TV.
Philips 55PUS7956/60.
LG 55UP75006LF TV.
Samsung QE55Q60AAU TV.
Samsung QE55Q70AAU QLED TV.

Which Samsung TV to buy in 2022?

Neo QLED 2022 8K.
These are the top-of-the-line Samsung 2022 TV models with mini LED backlights. Compared to the 2021 models, the video signal processing depth has increased to 14 bits. Even more accurate is the Quantum Matrix backlighting control system.

Which TV is better for your eyes?

Experts recommend choosing models with LED and QLED matrices. This technology provides LED backlighting design. You should also pay attention to the refresh rate. The higher this indicator is, the more smoothly look dynamic scenes on the screen
LG 50UN68006LA – Reliable TV.

Which smart TV to buy in 2022?

LG OLED65C1. Diagonal: 65″, 4K UHD.
Sony XR-65X90J. Diagonal: 64.5″, 4K UHD.
Samsung QE65QN90A. Diagonal: 64.5″, 4K UHD.
LG OLED65B1. Diagonal: 65″, 4K UHD. Screen refresh rate: 120 Hz.
Sony XR-65X95J. Diagonal: 65″, 4K UHD. Screen refresh rate: 120 Hz

How many centimeters is a 43 inch TV?

109.22 centimeters.
All you need to know is that there are 2.54 centimeters in one inch. And, knowing this, you can easily figure out that a 43-inch TV is actually 109.22 centimeters diagonal.

What should a modern television set have?

We tell you what useful features modern TVs have and what to look for when buying.
1 Picture quality.
2 Cinema sound.
3 Smart TV. 
4 Synchronization with your smartphone 
5 Voice Assistant 
6 Wireless connection 
7 Modern design

How big should your TV be?

According to the classic formula, the distance from the viewing position to the screen should be 2.5 to 3 of its diagonal. That is, for a room with exactly 3 meters from the couch to the screen, the optimal diagonal would be 47 inches.

What is the best sound on TV?

The best sound quality is provided by Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio encoding algorithms, which use a 24-bit representation of digital sound at a sampling rate of 96 kHz

How do I choose my TV screen?

The distance is calculated using the formula: screen diagonal in centimeters × 1.5. As a result, you get the distance from which you need to watch TV. Screen with a diagonal of 32 inches is set at a distance of one and a half meters, 50 inches is better to watch from two meters, and 80 inches – from three.

How much is 32 inches in cm?

Using the calculations in the converter, we get that 32 inches in centimeters is 81.3

What kind of TV 65 to buy in 2022?

LG 65UP76006LC. Screen Diagonal: 65″ HD Resolution: 4K UHD. …
Samsung UE65AU7100U. Screen Diagonal (exactly): 64.5. HD Resolution: 4K UHD.
LG 65UP75006LF TV. Screen Diagonal: 65″ .
LG 65NANO756PA NanoCell TV. Screen Diagonal (exactly): 65. …
Samsung UE65AU7500U. Screen Diagonal: 64.5

What’s the best 4K TV to buy in 2022?

Inexpensive at 43 inches – LG 43UN81006;
The best 49-inch TV is the Samsung UE-50AU9000;
The 4K model up to 55 inches is the LG OLED55G1;
At 65 inches: the Samsung QE65Q67RAU QLED:
75-inch: NanoCell LG 75SM9000;
The best premium 4K TV is the QLED Samsung QE85Q950TSU.

Which budget TV to buy 50 inches?

Asano 50LF1010T (2019).
HARPER 50U660TS (2018)
Hyundai H-LED50EU7008 (2019)
Samsung UE50TU7100U (2020)
Philips 50PUS7956/60 (2021)

What’s the best 49 inch TV to buy?

For a medium-sized conference room or spacious living room, a 49 diagonal TV that’s comfortable to watch from 2.5-4 meters away will do just fine. 
LG 49UN71006LB TV.
NanoCell LG 49NANO806 TV.
NanoCell LG 49NANO866 TV.
LG 49UM7020 TV set.


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