How to connect AirPods to an HP laptop

The wireless headset of the popular Apple brand is perfectly synchronized with personal computers. Successfully connect AirPods to a third-party laptop is quite possible, if the latter is equipped with a Bluetooth module. Once a stable connection is established, the accessory is used as an earpiece with an integrated microphone, which is very convenient for Internet conferences or for other purposes.


Connect airpods to your laptop

Connecting airpods to laptops running different versions of OS Windows has some peculiarities. Often users have to consider the specifics of different models of headphones especially the 2nd and PRO versions. In most cases, with the correct settings and installation of the right drivers, the synchronization of devices occurs without any problems. However, the switching process may be accompanied by certain difficulties.

Is it possible to connect AirPods to your computer

To connect the branded Bluetooth headset to any Apple device will not be difficult for any even a completely inexperienced user. Synchronizing AirPods with PCs and Windows laptops is quite different from the process of connecting to a MacBook, iPad or iPhone. The device may require additional drivers or other software.

Still, connecting AirPods wirelessly to your laptop is possible. Most modern laptops come with built-in Bluetooth, which is used to communicate with a wireless headset. Standard equipment of personal computers may not have this module, which means that you will need to buy an external USB-adapter.

Connection Features

Wireless headphones of the Apple brand in most cases can be synchronized with OS Windows by using the standard means of the settings menu. Connecting the headset to different versions of operating systems have their own peculiarities associated with the presence of certain tools and finding them in different sections.

Some desktop applications such as Skype or Zoom may require additional adjustments. In these messengers, you need to change the settings and set AirPods as the default device. Then, if connected, the sound will play through the headset and the conversation will be transmitted through the built-in microphone.

To HP notebook

Step 1: Preparing your HP notebook and AirPods for pairing

1. Go to the taskbar and select Search.

2. type Bluetooth in the search bar and click on Bluetooth & other devices from the list.

3. The user should now make sure that the Bluetooth option is enabled.

4. If Bluetooth is OFF, the user can toggle the switch and turn ON Bluetooth.

5. Before pairing the device, the user should prepare the AirPods for the pairing process.

6. The user must bring the AirPods close to the device they want to pair.

7. Now open the AirPods case for pairing.

8. Press and hold the white pairing button on the AirPods charging case.

9. The indicator light in the charging case will flash white a couple of times.

10. The user can now release the button and continue the pairing process.

Step 2 – Pairing both devices

When pairing the Apple AirPods with the HP laptop, the user must keep the AirPods case open while in pairing mode. If the user closes the case, they may have to repeat the above process to continue the pairing process.

1. On the Windows device, click the Add Bluetooth or other devices icon from the screen.

2. Under Add a device, the user can select the Bluetooth option and it may take a while for the laptop to detect the AirPods.

3. Once Windows identifies the device, the user should double-click the specific device in the list of detected devices.

4. Wait for the AirPods to connect to the HP laptop. Once the process is complete, click the Done option on the screen.

Connecting wireless headphones to your computer

To synchronize the AirPods with the PC, you must first check for the Bluetooth module. To do this, do the following steps:

Open the “Control Panel”.
Select the System tab.
Find “Device Manager” in the list.
If the list of installed equipment does not include the device you are looking for, an adapter connected via the USB port is used. The external Bluetooth module is usually installed into the system automatically, in some cases drivers may be required. The latter are supplied on a laser disc or downloaded from the Internet from the manufacturer’s website.

Bluetooth adapter

After installing the required equipment it is possible to connect AirPods to the personal computer. In fact, synchronization procedure doesn’t differ from that described in the previous section “Connecting to notebook”.

Creation of wireless connection depending on the model of AirePods headphones

The American brand offers an extensive line of Bluetooth headsets, somewhat differing in functionality and technical characteristics. First and second-generation AirPods headphones, as well as their top PRO-version, have a similar control interface, while at the same time each of the models has its own features. In this regard, the process of connecting to a laptop or PC of the mentioned or third-party manufacturer of each modification may be slightly different.


The wireless headphones of a well-known brand can be used in pairing with iPhones, as well as with phones from other manufacturers, including Huawei and Honor. The headset can be easily synchronized with laptops and PCs without wires. Users note the following nuances:

When connecting the accessory to any of the devices, there are distinct background noises.
Extraneous sounds do not disappear when listening to audio files, radio or Internet broadcasts.
Soft hissing or clicking noises, however, do not occur with compatible and supported devices. Sound defects are explained by low channel stability and poor synchronization between third-party computer equipment and AirePods headphones. Nevertheless, this does not prevent them from working well in conjunction with devices of the “apple” brand.


AirPods 2

The second generation of the popular headset got rid of many “childhood diseases” characteristic of devices of the first series. The developers eliminated extraneous noise and made it even easier to connect the AirPods 2 to laptops or PCs. Improved software and hardware make it faster to connect and set up. The use of the new H1 chip speeds up signal processing by almost a third, and the quality of music or podcasts playback is noticeably improved. The sound level is not much inferior to the professional wired models.

AirPods PRO

The most advanced version of the wireless headphones boasts an effective noise cancellation system and decent sound. The AirPods PRO wireless headset has expanded functionality, giving you two-click sound source selection. Now in order to connect the device to your laptop there is no need to perform complex settings. Many processes are automated and take place in the background without showing up on your monitor.

Choices for connecting AirPods to your computer

Listening to music and using the headset to communicate in social networks and messengers allows you to not disturb others. Connect branded headphones AirPods any of the modifications to your laptop or computer can be several ways. The most widespread is the use of built-in adapters that support the operation of modern communication protocols Bluetooth fourth and fifth series. In the absence of the necessary built-in equipment synchronization is made by other methods.


Via bluetooth

Switching wireless AirPods headphones with third-party brands of computer equipment is carried out usually and the use of OEM components. Built-in Bluetooth module for this you need to turn on and perform the necessary procedures. Modern protocols for data exchange via Bluetooth 5.0 radio channel provides a stable connection at a range of up to 100 m. The range depends largely on the terrain, the presence of walls and the layout of the premises.

Without using Bluetooth

Branded iPhone headphones are synchronized with external devices exclusively through the radio channel. The headset does not have any ports for connecting to a laptop or PC. In addition, the described devices do not support wireless Wi-Fi protocols and in case there is no built-in Bluetooth module on the equipment, the user will have to use an external USB bluetooth adapter.

Necessary drivers for the PC

For reliable synchronization of AirePods with any of the devices with Windows OS, it is necessary to use special software. The driver installation package is downloaded from the iTunes internet service and runs on your laptop or computer. It includes the latest version of the Apple Mobile Devise Support driver, which provides identification of the wireless headphones and conflict-free communication with the operating system. After installing the package, it is recommended to restart the computer.

Instructions for making a connection with AirPods for OS Windows

Quickly connecting AirPods to Windows 10 or another current version of the operating system is done in just a few steps:

  1. Check whether Bluetooth is enabled on your laptop, you can do this through the menu. The wireless connection icon is displayed in the tray at certain settings.
  2. Open the charger cover of the wireless headphones, while they must remain in the sockets.
  3. Press the settings button on the case until the indicator light changes to flashing white.
  4. Locate the list of available Bluetooth devices in the Windows setup menu and wait for the record about pairing with AirPods to appear in the list.

If the connection is not established the first time, you should first install the Apple drivers and try again. After the connection is established, you need to test the headset by running an audio file and selecting any online broadcast.

Windows 10

Synchronizing wireless headphones with a modern PC is usually not too difficult. In order to connect AirPods to your Windows 10 PC, you need to follow the following instructions:

  1. Open the “Add Bluetooth device” section by clicking on the icon in the tray or find it through the control panel in the “Settings” menu on the “Devices” tab in the appropriate section.
  2. Leave the window open and perform the pairing of wireless headphones as described above.
  3. On the mentioned tab in Windows, select the entry indicating the pairing with AirPods and establish a connection.

There is a specialized application MagicPods, which you can download from the Internet. The software allows you to control the charge of the earpiece and manage the sound. Supports specific functions branded animation and ear detection.

Windows 8

Pairing AirPods with devices running version 8 of the popular operating system is similar to the above. Laptops and computers running Windows 8 and 8.1 released before 2006 may need to update the drivers for the built-in Bluetooth module. Otherwise, the procedure is the same. If the connection fails, it should be repeated, following the recommendations exactly.

Windows 7 

This OS version is not supported by the developer, therefore driver and other software updates must be found elsewhere. Software for the bluetooth module should be taken from the manufacturer’s website, whose data can be found in the Device Manager of Windows 7. When you connect AirPods to the PC through the built-in or external hardware, it is possible that the accessory is marked in the list with an exclamation mark. In this case, the headphone may work properly, you should not try to eliminate the conflict. This can lead to the opposite result.

Features of connecting AirPods to different models of laptops

Manufacturers of popular laptops Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Sony and other brands use the same component base and software. Features of the process of switching AirPods with laptops of different models are often determined by the properties and characteristics of built-in Bluetooth modules. The layout of menus and control panels are different for different years of Windows, but they have a lot in common. In particular, the device manager in versions 7, 8 and 10 of the “operating system” looks the same.

Possible problems

Pairing AirPods with a PC or laptop usually does not cause any problems. However, the synchronization process may be accompanied by the following problems:

  • The device does not see the headset.
  • The connection was made, but there is no sound in the headphones.
  • Pairing of the devices has taken place, but the connection is not established.

The list of possible problems can be complemented by others, but the ones mentioned are the most common. To eliminate the difficulties, you need to eliminate the cause and make the connection between the laptop and the accessory.

1.Windows does not see the AirPods headset

Built-in Bluetooth module does not find the wireless earpiece most often due to an outdated version of the driver. After updating the software, nine times out of ten PCs start to see AirPods. If you can’t solve the problem yourself by simply reinstalling the software, you should contact the service center for help from specialists.

2.Connected but no sound

If the AirPods pairing process was successful and the device appears in the Bluetooth device list, but the broadcasting has not started. It is necessary to check whether the headset is set as the default device and the sound level. If everything is OK then you need to break the connection and repeat the pairing and synchronization process.


3.Pairing But Not Connected


Often the computer detects AirPods and displays them in the list of paired devices, but fails to connect. Specialists in this case recommend uninstalling the headset from the system and trying to reconnect. If this does not work, you should download and update the drivers. After that not only the pairing of wireless headphones with the laptop takes place, but also a stable connection is created.


Using the branded AirPods headphones as a wireless headset is possible not only paired with a MacBook, but also with laptops and PCs from other manufacturers. Connecting the accessory to computers is usually done using in-house hardware and software tools. The process may differ slightly for different OS Windows versions, but the basic algorithm remains common. Problems that arise during this process can usually be solved without the involvement of specialists.



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