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What is the Samsung DeX? Is it worth using?

A phone is very often used for work and mobile entertainment. But sometimes the small size of the screen makes it difficult to perform certain tasks. Samsung DeX is a service that allows you to turn your smartphone or tablet into a portable computer.

How does Samsung DeX work?

Thanks to the Samsung DeX application, the user will create a comfortable environment for work and entertainment. By connecting the phone to the monitor or TV, the applications installed on the mobile device can be mirrored on the big screen. This makes it much easier to take notes, use graphics programs, watch movies, play games or participate in video conferences. Using and switching between multiple applications at the same time is even easier when you connect a keyboard and mouse. The smartphone display is used as a touchpad.

Smartphones that support Samsung DeX

Samsung DeX is available on Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note series smartphones, including the Note 20 and S21, as well as the Galaxy Fold. Depending on the model, the availability of individual features may vary, but the manufacturer is constantly updating the software to ensure that Samsung DeX is fully functional on all of the devices mentioned. Currently, an improved version of the DeX will be available after upgrading to the Android Pie operating system.

To use Samsung DeX, you need to connect your smartphone to the selected device (monitor, TV, projector) using an adapter or Samsung HDMI cable. Recently, some Galaxy models can be connected to the TV without cables, via Smart TV. For the Samsung DeX feature to work properly, the TV must have an Android smartphone screen mirroring (Miracast) feature, which is installed starting in 2019.

In addition, smartphones can be connected to a computer with Windows 7 and 10 and Mac OS newer than 10.03. In the case of the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+, you only need to install the DeX app on your computer and connect the devices using a USB Type-C cable. This will allow you to easily copy files between systems (drag and drop) and use your laptop or PC’s screen, keyboard and touchpad. The DeX wireless PC tool is supported by the Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra models.

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Samsung DeX – apps.

DeX mode has many apps that are very commonly used for everyday tasks. These include programs:

For work: MS Office, Amazon WorkSpaces

For communication and video conferencing: Gmail and Skype

For graphics: Infinite Design and Adobe Photoshop

For music: Spotify, Google Play Music

For video playback: Google Play Movies & Films, YouTube

For games: Minecraft, Vainglory, Seekers Notes and The Tribez.
A list of all the apps that work in DeX mode can be found on Samsung’s website.

Is Samsung DeX worth using?

Definitely, yes. Especially if you have an active lifestyle and love multitasking – Samsung DeX will optimize your working time. This solution works perfectly both in the professional sphere and at home.

You don’t need to take your laptop with you to business trips and meetings – just have all the documents you need at hand to display them on the big screen.


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