How to insert a SIM card correctly

What side to insert the sim card in the slot?

There you will see the sim card slots. They come in different types: split and double decker. The side you need to hold up when inserting will be pictured near the holder. It is usually inserted with the gold contacts facing down

How to correctly insert a mini SIM card into the phone?

To put a Nano-sim in Microsim in an old phone will help plastic adapter, which comes with the card when you buy it. Remember, you squeezed the plastic out of a special mold? Save it – it’s the easiest way to get what you want without effort.

How do I insert the SIM card into my Samsung phone correctly?

3 Place the SIM card in the tray with the gold contacts facing up and gently press the SIM card into the tray to secure it. If you have a second SIM card, you can place it in the tray on the other side of the slot. 4 Insert the slot back into the slot on the smartphone.

How to insert the sim card into the tray?

take a paper clip (supplied with the phone) and insert it into the hole near the tray; press the paper clip slightly so that the tray slides out of the phone; gently pull out the tray, find a place for the SIM card and insert the SIM card (make sure that the SIM card is inserted correctly and does not fall out of the tray);

What if my phone doesn’t see the SIM card?

Messages “No SIM”, “Insert SIM” and “SIM not detected” occur when the phone cannot detect the SIM card. As a rule, it is connected with a broken contact in the card-receiver, software failures or blocking of the smartphone. Less often – with damage to the SIM card itself.

Why does the SIM card not work?

Causes of problems with the SIM card
If the SIM card does not work, the reason can be sought in two directions: Problems with the “iron” that is, with the phone itself, sim-receiver; Problems with the card itself, physical (broken) or technical (by the operator

How to open the sim card slot correctly?

A needle, a pin or a hairpin
You don’t have to press hard, insert the sharp end into the hole of the SIM card tray and press down slightly until it clicks into place. By analogy, you can use a regular pin or ordering pin, which is almost as common in everyday life.

Why doesn’t my old phone see the SIM card?

Sometimes the phone does not see the SIM card, because the network settings are confused. Try to reboot the device, and if this does not help – contact the service center of the mobile operator. Also, the phone does not connect to the network if the SIM card connector is damaged.

How to correctly insert a sim card into the iPhone?

To open the SIM card tray, insert a paper clip or SIM card ejection tool into the hole next to the tray. Push the tool inside the iPhone without using excessive force.

How do I activate my SIM card?

Activating the SIM card
Go to “Settings” -> “Connections”. Go to “SIM Manager”. Choose a card (if there are two), which you want to activate and in the menu that appears activate “Enabled”.

What to do if the sim card is not the right size?

Often, when the user changes the phone, the old card does not fit, you need to make a new one. There are many ways: you can go to the operator, local craftsmen or do it yourself. Almost all mobile network operators, at the request of the subscriber issue a SIM card of the correct size and block the old card.

How to make a nano SIM card from micro?

How to cut a sim card to fit a Nano SIM
It’s better to download and print out a template. It’s easier to cut out according to it.
If you don’t have it, then take a pencil and use a ruler to draw an outline of 12.3 millimeters by 8.8.
Cut off the excess with sharp scissors and file the edges without touching the chip itself, otherwise it can be ruined.

What is a nano SIM card?

Nano-SIM (12,3×8,8×0,67 mm) – the most widely used sim card standard, as of 2021. It is used in all modern smartphones.

How do I change SIM cards from one phone to another?

How to insert the SIM card
Prepare SIM-card.
Open the SIM card tray on your device. The location of the tray may vary from device to device. If you cannot find or open it, contact the manufacturer of your device for assistance.
Place the SIM card in the tray.
Insert the tray back into the device

How to check whether the sim card is working or not?

Checking of SIM-card operability
Go to “Settings” -> “Phone Info”. Select “Status”. Go to “SIM card status”. Go to the tab of that SIM-card (if you have two of them), problems with which you periodically or constantly fix.

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