How to Restart Apps on Samsung TV: A Step-by-Step Guide to Restarting Apps on Your Samsung TV [2023]


How to Restart Apps on Samsung TV: A Step-by-Step Guide to Restarting Apps on Your Samsung TV [2023]

How to Restart Apps on Samsung TV


  • Overview of Samsung TVs and their smart capabilities
  • Importance of restarting apps for optimal performance

1. Understanding Samsung TV Apps

  • Explaining the concept of apps on Samsung TVs
  • Different types of apps available on Samsung Smart TVs
  • Benefits of using apps on Samsung TVs

2. Restarting Apps on Samsung TV: A Basic Restart (reset)

  • Step 1: Navigating to the app on your Samsung TV
  • Step 2: Accessing the app options menu
  • Step 3: Selecting the restart option
  • Step 4: Waiting for the app to restart

3. Performing a Cold Boot to Restart Apps

  • What is a cold boot and when to use it
  • Step 1: Powering off your Samsung TV
  • Step 2: Unplugging the TV from the power source
  • Step 3: Waiting for a few minutes
  • Step 4: Plugging the TV back in and turning it on
  • Step 5: Launching the app again

4. Force Closing and Reinstall apps on your Samsung TV

  • When force closing an app is necessary
  • Step 1: Navigating to the active app
  • Step 2: Force closing the app using the remote
  • Step 3: Reopening the app
  • Step 4: Reinstalling an app from the Samsung Smart Hub

5. Troubleshooting App Issues on Samsung smart TV

  • Common app-related issues and their solutions
  • Contacting Samsung support for further assistance
  • Other tips to optimize app performance on Samsung TVs


  • Importance of restarting apps for smooth operation on Samsung TVs
  • Recap of the different methods to restart apps on Samsung TV
  • Enjoying a seamless app experience on your Samsung Smart TV

To restart an app on a Samsung TV, you can follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the home screen: Press the Home button on your Samsung TV remote. This will take you to the main home screen where all the apps are displayed.
  2. Highlight the app: Use the arrow buttons on your remote to navigate and select the app that you want to restart. The selected app should be highlighted or bordered.
  3. Access the app options: Press and hold the Select or OK button on your remote for a couple of seconds. This will open a menu with various options for the selected app.
  4. Restart the app: From the menu options, look for an option that allows you to “Restart” or “Force Close” the app. The wording may vary depending on your TV model or firmware version. Use the arrow buttons to highlight the restart option and press the Select or OK button to confirm.
  5. Wait for the app to restart: The TV will close the app and then relaunch it. This process may take a few moments, so be patient.

Once the app has restarted, you should be able to use it again. This method can help resolve certain issues or glitches that may be affecting the app’s performance. If the problem persists, you may need to check for any available software updates for your TV or contact Samsung support for further assistance.

How do I force delete an app on my Samsung Smart TV?

How do I force delete an app on my Samsung Smart TV

  1. Navigate to the Smart Hub: Press the Home button on your Samsung TV remote to go to the home screen. From there, select the “Apps” or “Smart Hub” icon using the arrow buttons and press the Enter or OK button.
  2. Access the App Settings: Once you’re in the Smart Hub, locate and highlight the app you want to force delete. Press and hold the Enter or OK button on your remote to access the app’s settings.
  3. Select “Delete” or “Remove”: In the app’s settings, you should see an option to delete or remove the app. Select this option to initiate the deletion process.
  4. Confirm App Deletion: A confirmation prompt will appear, asking if you want to delete the app. Choose “Yes” or “OK” to confirm the deletion.
  5. Force Delete the App: If the app cannot be deleted through the regular method, you can try force deleting it. Press the following buttons in sequence on your Samsung TV remote:
    • “Mute” button
    • “1” button
    • “8” button
    • “2” button
    • “Power” button

    This key sequence will force the TV to enter the “Service Menu.”

  6. Navigate to the App Manager: In the Service Menu, use the arrow buttons to navigate to the “Option” or “Service” tab. Within this tab, find and select “App Manager” or a similar option.
  7. Select the App for Deletion: In the App Manager, you’ll see a list of installed apps. Locate the app you want to force delete and select it.
  8. Force Delete the App: Within the app settings in the App Manager, you should find an option to force delete or remove the app. Select this option, and the TV will initiate the force deletion process.

Please note that accessing the Service Menu and performing a force delete should be done with caution. It is recommended to only use this method if you are experiencing issues with the app that cannot be resolved through regular deletion. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable with these steps, it’s best to seek assistance from Samsung customer support or refer to the TV’s user manual for specific instructions.

How do I restart a frozen app on my Samsung Smart TV?

If you encounter a frozen app on your Samsung Smart TV, you can try the following steps to restart it:

  1. Close the App: Press the Home button on your Samsung TV remote to go back to the home screen. This will allow you to exit the frozen app and return to the Smart Hub.
  2. Relaunch the App: Navigate to the Smart Hub using the arrow buttons on your remote and select the frozen app again. Press the Enter or OK button to relaunch the app.
  3. Force Close the App: If the app remains frozen or unresponsive after relaunching, you can force close it. Press and hold the Back or Return button on your remote for a few seconds. This action should force the app to close.
  4. Restart the TV: If force closing the app doesn’t resolve the issue, you can try restarting your Samsung Smart TV. To do this, press and hold the Power button on your remote until a menu appears on the screen. Select the “Restart” option and confirm to restart the TV.
  5. Power Cycle the TV: If the frozen app persists even after a restart, you can try power cycling the TV. Turn off the TV using the Power button, then unplug it from the power source. Leave it unplugged for at least one minute. Afterward, plug the TV back in and turn it on. Launch the app again to see if it functions properly.
  6. Update the App: If the frozen app issue continues, it may be beneficial to check for app updates. Go to the Smart Hub and navigate to the app’s settings. Look for an option to update the app and follow the prompts to install any available updates. Updated versions often include bug fixes and improved stability.

If the app remains frozen or unresponsive even after trying these steps, it’s recommended to reach out to the app developer or contact Samsung customer support for further assistance. They may be able to provide specific troubleshooting steps or address any underlying issues with the app or the TV.

Why are my streaming apps not working on my TV?

There could be several reasons why your streaming apps are not working on your TV. Here are some common factors to consider:

  1. Internet Connection: A stable and reliable internet connection is crucial for streaming apps to work properly. If your internet connection is slow or intermittent, it can lead to buffering issues or app errors. Make sure your TV is connected to a strong and stable Wi-Fi network or consider using a wired Ethernet connection if available.
  2. App Updates: Streaming apps regularly release updates to improve performance and fix bugs. If your apps are not up to date, they may encounter compatibility issues or functionality problems. Check for app updates in the respective app stores or settings on your TV and install any available updates.
  3. TV Firmware Updates: Your TV’s firmware acts as its operating system, and outdated firmware can affect app compatibility and performance. Check for firmware updates in your TV’s settings or on the manufacturer’s website. If an update is available, follow the instructions to install it.
  4. App-Specific Issues: Sometimes, streaming apps may have temporary server problems or issues on their end. Check online forums or social media platforms to see if other users are experiencing similar problems with the specific app. In such cases, the app developer or service provider is responsible for resolving the issue, and it may be resolved with time.
  5. App Cache and Data: Over time, app cache and accumulated data can cause performance issues. Clearing the cache or data for the problematic apps can help resolve certain issues. Go to the app settings on your TV, locate the problematic app, and choose the option to clear cache or data. Keep in mind that clearing data may require you to sign in again and could remove any personalized settings within the app.
  6. TV Reset: If the above steps don’t resolve the issue, you can try resetting your TV to its factory settings. This will restore the TV to its original state and may help resolve any software-related issues. However, note that a factory reset will erase all personalized settings and data on your TV, so make sure to back up any important information beforehand.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, it’s recommended to contact the app developer or the manufacturer’s customer support for further assistance. They can provide specific troubleshooting steps or identify any underlying hardware or software issues with your TV.

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