How to set up a Samsung TV with a set-top box

How to set up a Samsung TV with a set-top box ?

TV with DVB-T2 tuner
Enter the TV menu.
Open the item “Auto tune”.
Specify the signal source: antenna, cable, satellite.
Define type of channels – choose digital broadcasting.
Press the “Search” button and select “Full” option and “Scan”.
Wait for the setup to complete.

How do I turn on my Samsung TV through a set-top box?

If you want to use an HDMI cable to connect a set-top box (receiver) to your Samsung TV, read the article below.
All Samsung TV models have this connector.
Turn off the devices and connect the HDMI cable to them.
Turn both devices on.
On the TV, select the HDMI source. …

How do I find channels on my Samsung TV?

Tuning and sorting channels on Samsung TV (new)
To tune the TV set, press the MENU button on the remote control, select the TRANSLATION tab by pressing the central button on the remote control or by pressing the right arrow button.
Select the item AUTONASTROKE, press the right arrow or the central button on the crossbar (ready).

How do I adjust the channels on my Samsung Smart TV?

Open the Menu by pressing the special key on the remote control.
Find the “Channel – Antenna” option.
Select “Cable.
Find the “Auto Tune” item.
Set the signal source to Cable and the digital channel type.
Select “Network.
Tap Search.
Wait until Auto Search is complete.

What to do if it does not find channels on the TV?

Tuning for air channels
Check the quality of the cable and TV connection. Try pulling out the antenna plug and putting it back in.
Visually inspect the wire around the apartment or house.
Check with your neighbors to see if their TV is showing.
Buy a signal booster if your home is far from a repeater.

Why isn’t the TV searching for channels?

There can be many reasons for the TV not finding channels. These include confused settings, and the wrong antenna connection, and malfunction of the amplifier. With some causes can be managed independently, but to solve the other you will need the help of professionals.

How do I adjust the channels on my TV?

To set the channels, you’ll need a signal cable and a remote. Press “Settings” on the remote control to enter the settings menu. Go to “Channels”, press “OK”, then “Autosearch” and then “OK” again. In the “Auto search” menu, when selecting an input source, check the box “Antenna” and “Cable TV”.

How do I connect my Samsung TV to cable TV?

Plug a cable into the TV’s LAN connector. If you are connecting via a router, plug the cable from your ISP into the router’s WAN connector and then another cable into the LAN connector on the TV and the router. or press Menu/123 and select Menu on the TV screen. Select Network.

How do I turn on a TV with a set-top box?

To a modern TV (via HDMI)
Connect the set-top box to the power supply and antenna (if necessary).
Locate the HDMI connector on the back and plug one plug of the cable into it.
Plug the other into the same port on the back of the TV.
Turn on the set-top box with the remote, then turn on the TV.

Why doesn’t the digital set-top box connect to the TV?

One of the most common reasons for no signal from a set-top box is the user’s incorrect connection scheme to the TV. Once you find no signal, though, you should check to see if the video channel on your TV is correct.

How do I adjust the HDMI settings on my Samsung TV?

Go to Home> Settings> Sound> Sound Output. Select Receiver (HDMI) from the list.

How do I tune digital channels on my Samsung TV through the antenna?

Simple instructions for setting up a Samsung TV
Select the menu (enter using the green button on the remote control).
Find the satellite dish icon (select the desired channels).
Specify the “Auto-tuning”.
From the list of options, stop at the channel source “Cable”.
Select the search for digital channels.

How do I start Auto Channel Tuning on my TV?

Enter the TV menu: Depending on the remote control, press either the Menu button or the Home button and select Settings on the TV screen. Select Broadcast. Select Autotune.

How do I tune my TV to digital channels?

There are 5 basic ways to tune in today. Digital channels can be tuned using an antenna, tuner, fiber optic cable, satellite dish and Smart TV function.

How do I adjust the channels on my TV without an antenna?

To be able to watch digital TV without an antenna, you will need to install an application for smart tv on the TV itself or purchase a special set-top box. The second option is suitable for any model of TV receiver. You can buy a set-top box from your provider or an electrical goods store.

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