We are talking about Legion 5 Pro and less thorough analogue of Lenovo 5i Pro.

These two devices with their unmistakable design and top-notch “hardware” have long been expected by hardcore gamers. What is the secret of the increased interest to the model? Let’s find out!


Legion 5 and 5i Pro main technical characteristics

The team of engineers of the Chinese giant Lenovo often sets itself the task to satisfy the consumers of hardcore players. Creating a new line of gaming stations, they have updated the layout of the keyboard, including the “big stick”. Also added a digital unit, multimedia commands and so on. Not only the appearance is nice, but also a special layout with multimedia buttons. If we talk about productivity and software features, the look of both models looks as follows:

Legion 5 Pro Lenovo 5i Pro
Advanced Optimus + +
Battery life up to 8,1 years (hybrid mode) up to 7,2 years
DDR4 + +
Internal hard drive 1TB SSD 1TB SSD
Fast charging 80 W/hr 80 W/hr

The sound on the Leon 5 excites with its detailing. Those who have decided to bury themselves in the gameplay, enjoy the soundtracks and chatting with the supervisors/selected team, surely do not get disappointed. The innovative Nahimic system offers a truly immense broadcast experience and is a source of pride. Even the silent crops of the enemy during combat can be “recorded” on the headphones. This is an obvious achievement of Lenovo engineers. The manufacturer also offered:

two built-in 2W microphones,
VESA Display HD 400 support,
Dolby Vision connectivity.

The “fourth generation” flagships are available in two colors: Stingray White and practical Storm Grey. Housing details are made of aluminum alloy, and will please you with durability and resistance to damage. The weight of both units is more than 2.5 kg.

Legion True Strike system with millisecond response and handy keyboard layout is clearly adapted for special combinations and writing different codes in the strategies. With this approach to hit the enemy can be with high accuracy and for 1-2 strokes. Declared autonomy of 7-8 years meets the high demands of gamers.


The 5i Pro is equipped with the top-of-the-line Intel Core i7 processor. The 11th generation microchip is not available to every brand that builds gaming stations. AMD joint venture is based on Ryzen 7 5800H and outperforms its analogues in terms of performance. Working in tandem with the eight-gig GeForce GTX 3070 graphics card, the system allows you to enter the world of flagship games. For “Intelivskogo” analog installed a simple chip – RTX 3050Ti with the volume of its own operating memory is only 4 GB. Each unit features a 95W and 140W power output respectively.

A great idea of Lenovo team was the implementation of OverDrive, which allowed to increase the screen frequency to 165 Hz. The response time was reduced to 3 ms. Both laptops are supporting Advanced Optimus 3. This system analyzes the performance, switching graphics processing between the discrete board and integrated into the motherboard, allowing you to save resources optimizing the efficiency of the gaming station.

Heat dissipation, interfaces and support for immersive games

A special feature of the Legion series is the Coldfront 3.0 cooling system. Microchip and video card settings are maintained in a clearly defined corridor, regardless of session duration. Gamers who play strategy for years will love it. The manufacturer integrated not only the new principles of cooling, but also the intellektual system of povitrozabirnik.

Legion 5 and 5i – the leaders of 2022

The creative ideas of the Chinese are indisputably winning over the demanding user, and that’s what Lenovo engineers have staked on. For tech-savvy buyers, the following will be interesting:

Number of Thunderbolt 4 ports increased to two.
The maximum capacity of the OZP is 16 GB.
Declared brightness – up to 500 nits.
Always On USB 3.2 support.
Technical Giant screens of Legion series provides 100% coverage. In terms of effective use of colored sRGB space, these models will not fail. Lenovo is not the first to produce devices with 16-inch matrixes, and for the standard QHD 2560×1600 pixels is inverse. This time, the Chinese brand has stopped at the 16:10 ratio. The two devices effectively use the advantages of iGPU and eGPU.

Considering that strategic battles last more than one year, Chinese engineers paid special attention to environmental friendliness. As befits a top brand, the remaining models are certified by TÜV. The standardization confirms the effective filtration of blue impurities. The manufacturer has ensured 34% higher dot density (when compared to the basic 15.6-inch matrixes which produce a picture in Full HD format).

Is it worth buying?

The new line of Lenovo gaming laptops is convenient to work in any place. Technologically thorough Legion 5 Pro, as well as the Intel 5i, combined with the new standard of wireless Wi-Fi 65. There is USB Type-C and combined HDMI outlets. The use of such gaming stations clearly is not disappointing. Although the presented examples are not for everyone. The declared price for the 5 Pro in US $1529. The less productive 5i will be cheaper – a budget of $1,000 will be enough.

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