LG Gram (17Z90N) laptop review

The LG Gram is a direct competitor to ultra-thin laptops from manufacturers who have seized the leadership in this segment. Not all people know that LG has recently begun to produce laptops in addition to televisions and other high-quality equipment. The lineup has enough units of attractive modifications.


Everyone depending on their personal preferences can choose a suitable option. We decided to focus our LG Gram review on the specification 17Z90N, which is equipped with a 17-inch display and, given the large number of advantages, is in high demand. Let’s tell more about this line on the example of the specified model.


The modern format of high-performance ultrabooks

The Gram series after the announcement sold out well in different countries. Users liked the format very thin and moderately powerful laptop, which is capable of performing various tasks. The mobility of the devices allows you to count on easy portability. The device perfectly fits even in a small briefcase or backpack. The laptop is well placed on a horizontal surface (table), as well as on the lap. In comparison with full-sized counterparts it can be called almost weightless.



Given the hardware, it is suitable for studies, work, leisure and entertainment. Compact format suits all those who are used to using small devices. Size can not be called small, still gives itself a 17-inch display. But the body and internal components are lightweight. Just imagine that a notebook with such a screen and impressive performance weighs only 1.34 kg. If we compare with more budget models and a smaller screen (13-15 inches), which also claim their status as ultrabooks, it is easier to be the “hero” of the material. The entire reason for this is lightweight magnesium alloy, from which the laptop is made.





About autonomy not for nothing so many words in the review materials of experts, as well as on the official website of the company. The maximum charge of the battery is enough for about 14-15 hours of moderate energy consumption. Uses a battery of 80 W. Laptop LG Gram 17 will perfectly suit those who for work and other needs needed a mobile computer with a large screen, but all previous models were not suitable because of the size and heavy weight. Credit must be given to the technologists and designers who were able to create one of the thinnest 17-inch notebooks: the thickness of just 17.8 mm. The metal alloy used in the case perfectly hides prints and stains.




They are not visible at all. In general, the device meets the militarized standard MIL-STD 810G. In other words, has passed serious stress tests on mechanical and other effects. Those who want to buy LG Gram 17 should pay attention to a somewhat uncharacteristic display resolution – 2560×1600 pixels. The WQXGA display format does not detract from decent color reproduction and brightness. This is twice as much as the commonly used up to now FullHD. In practice, it is very convenient. In the same mode of surfing on the screen fits more content without the need to scroll. This is very convenient for professionals working with graphics (photographers, editors) and programmers.

The color accuracy is extremely realistic. Both in the case of static images and video. Used high-quality IPS matrix. The image format is 16:10. There were no critical remarks about the sound. Stereo speakers display well as music tracks, and sound from videos of different formats. The keyboard is quite comfortable. There is a digital block. It could somewhat increase to the standard size. A big plus in this particular series of laptops is an enlarged touchpad. The surface is nice, sliding your fingers on it smoothly.

Features of LG Gram laptop

The first thing that should be highlighted when describing the hardware, modern and extremely energy efficient processors Intel Whiskey Lake-U Core i7-8565U. This provides better performance (compared to similar ultrabooks of key competitors). Comparison with the previous generation of laptops allows us to conclude about a twofold increase in performance.

Coupled with 16GB of RAM and integrated Intel Iris Plus graphics, you can tackle the most ambitious tasks, from high-volume computing to watching and editing 4K video. You can even run simple 1080p games. Data can be stored on a 1TB SSD (2 x 512GB). This is more than enough. It is nice that HDD is not needed for such volumes. SSD format is M.2 2280. Wireless connectivity is provided through Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 and Bluetooth 5.0 modules. In the case of Wi-Fi declared maximum bandwidth of 1.73 Gbit / s.


Among the interfaces and inputs is the extremely useful USB 3.1 Type-C. It can be used to connect devices, an external monitor and even to charge gadgets. There are also standard HDMI, three standard USB 3.1, a 3.5mm audio jack, a microSD slot, RJ45 Ethernet and DC-In. A little doubtful looks the decision to supply the laptop card reader reduced format. Taking into account the enough space in the casing, the standard version for SD cards looks more logical.

LG Gram 17: reviews

The laptop looks great, it is easy to use, easy to configure for yourself. The compactness is a definite advantage, as well as the large, high-detail screen. The presence of Thunderbolt 3 greatly increases the appeal of the laptop. A large touchpad is present, and the device is almost inaudible during operation. Through the Type-C port you can charge external gadgets. Many people like the high degree of data protection (the power button built-in fingerprint scanner). Other pluses include the following advantages:

a high degree of mobility and compactness;
long battery life;
Excellent performance (a modern processor and other components);
Both durable and lightweight housing;
large detailed display (17 inches);
functional and quiet cooling system;
No degradation in performance when running on battery;
Two slots for SSD (possibility to install an additional drive if one is installed);
LG Gram 13.3, 14, 15, 17 inches;
reasonable price, fully consistent with the laptop.


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