LG OLED C1 TV (OLED48C1) review


LG OLED C1 (OLED48C1): next-generation technology in your home

The new C1 TV can be called the best choice for movie buffs and gamers. This series of TVs has a powerful processor and intelligent image processing system.

Overview of the new LG OLED C1 (OLED48C1) TV series: next generation technology in your home
OLED TVs have not yet become budget, but if you buy a TV not for a couple of years, but for a long time, moreover, you like to watch movies in good quality and with good sound with Dolby Atmos support, it makes sense to spend once for a decent model. After OLED matrix is very difficult to return to other types of screens: the image does not seem perfect.

The segment of modern LG OLED TVs can be divided into several classes. There are basic models with a small set of features, the middle class and top devices in the form of thin panels with a separate soundbar. “Golden”, as usual, remains in the middle.


LG OLED48C1 belongs exactly to the middle class: it is super thin, with its own soundbar. Frames of the screen are barely noticeable.

The foot for mounting on the surface is very original: the material is steel, looks expensive, in the base is engraved LG OLED.

The stand consists of two parts.
The stand consists of two parts. The first is the base with the weighting element in the back, necessary to firmly fix the TV. The second is a metal bar, which occupies about 80% of the width of the entire device.
The shadow of the ceiling lamps hides its upper part under the screen, creating the illusion of the TV hovering above the surface. The effect is enhanced if the surface itself has a gray or silver color and almost merges with the decorative bar.

The base also has a convenient attachment for the wires. Convenient because the power cable and the connectors for connections are on different sides of the back panel. If you put the cables in a channel on the stand, the appearance will be much more aesthetically pleasing.

Speaking of connection. On the back of the case at the bottom there is a noticeable thickening, which hides all the electronics. In this thickening there are two pads with connectors.

On the first one, the connectors are perpendicular to the panel, to the back. They are convenient to use when placing the TV on a pedestal. The other group is oriented sideways. Moreover, while many other televisions have an electronics box with a square shape and the connectors are far from the edge, here the connectors take up the whole width so it is very convenient to connect cables.

Picture and sound

The main advantages of LG OLED TVs are a wide dynamic range and significantly higher contrast compared to models on other types of panels. But this does not relieve manufacturers from the need for proper image processing and support for various standards of optimization.

In order for the device to cope with such functions without “brakes”, it needs a powerful processor. Therefore, in LG OLED48C1 installed α9 IV generation – the same as in more expensive models of LG.

Image processing is done using artificial intelligence. AI Picture Pro technology allows you to analyze the picture on the screen, to recognize its subject and select the optimal processing algorithm.

Special mention should be made of the support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision simultaneously: many televisions from other manufacturers in the same price segment only work with one of the standards.

In practice, the image is radically different from that of more budget TVs. You can watch LG OLED48C1 at almost any angle, and the screen does not “fade”. Even if the TV is facing a window, the contrast level allows you to enjoy a movie without any problems.

Self-illuminating pixels create clear images with vivid colors against deep black. The absence of stray lighting on the contours of light objects makes them more “live” – this is one of the features of OLED-matrixes. And even Full HD images due to literate upscaling look completely different than on TVs with IPS/VA-matrixes.

Connectivity interfaces

One HDMI socket, a pair of USB, as well as input for antenna, satellite TV and LAN connection are located on the rear panel with rearward orientation. There is also an optical output and a headphone jack.

On the side-oriented pad&…
On the side-oriented pad there are 3 more HDMIs and one more USB. All the HDMI-connectors are version 2.1, which means they are suitable for 4K signal connection at 120 Hz and support variable refresh rate (VRR).
One of them also has an improved eARC audio return channel – through it you can output sound to the soundbar or home theater system in Dolby Digital.


LG OLED48C1 can be controlled in several ways. The traditional one is with the remote control. The kit includes an unusually handy remote Magic Remote – it is notable for the fact that it can control the cursor on the screen. Tilt it below – the cursor goes down, above – up, left and right – respectively. This principle of operation greatly facilitates the input of requests or any other information using the on-screen keyboard. There is no need to press the joystick several times – you just move the cursor to the desired button and press enter.

At the top of the remote control is a microphone. And this is another way to control it.

The voice assistant can change the channel to the right one, increase or decrease the volume, find the desired movie or information about it.
It works quickly, almost instantly. And when you search for a movie, the screen immediately displays options for watching it in different cinemas (whose apps are installed) and in different versions.

Finally, the third way is to control it from your smartphone. To do this, you need to download the LG TV Plus app (or LG ThinQ if you have other LG ecosystem devices). You can control from your smartphone not only over-the-air channels, but also Smart TV.

Smart TV

Smart features are implemented on the webOS 6.0 platform, which is logical for LG. On the first screen there is a button to search for content, a selection of applications and a list of installed applications. Already “out of the box” here is almost everything you need: the main online movie theaters, including Netflix and YouTube. Quick access to four of them (ivi, OKKO, Kinopoisk, Moviews) is available on the new Magic Remote. If anything is missing, welcome to the app store. You can learn more about the remote here.

If you scroll down the screen below, you’ll get to the control panel and other selections (already by resources, not by content). In general, webOS 6.0 Smart TV is very logical and easy to understand, even those who have not yet used the smart features.

TV as a screen for gaming

After the appearance of Xbox X/S and Playstation 5 requirements to TVs, which could allow gamers to fully enjoy all the advantages of new consoles, have increased significantly. But the C1 family is already ready for the realities. And it is not only in the maximum matrix refresh rate of 120 Hz. In fact, the “honest” 120 Hz may become a problem when the signal is 60 Hz – very likely the appearance of freaks. Here a huge role is played by the support of synchronization technologies: in C1 as AMD FreeSync, NVIDIA G-Sync. You can turn them on in the “Game Optimization” menu item.

What else is important for the TV in terms of gaming? Of course, the lag time of the image output. And here LG OLED48C1 frankly surprising value of 1 ms! The level of good gaming monitors are already available in TVs. As we have already noted, there is support for both VRR and HDR. So for gaming the TV is the best.

Bottom line: What we liked about LG OLED48C1

The updated C1 series has turned out to be a rare success. In terms of features and technology, these TVs are close to the flagship, while their cost is noticeably lower. Surround sound picture quality with deep black and Dolby Atmos support will satisfy even true movie-lovers. Matrix frequency 120 Hz, low latency and support for sync technology make the C1 TVs attractive for gamers. You can buy a soundbar to heighten the experience.

Today the series offers televisions with diagonals from 48 to 83 inches – so you can find the best option for any room. A great option for getting to know LG OLED TVs.

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