LG OR SAMSUNG TVs – which one is better?


LG OR SAMSUNG TVs – which one is better?

In the model range of TVs of both brands there are many devices with easy operation and quality picture. Let’s consider and compare the 6 main characteristics of LG and Samsung to simplify the choice for those who plan to buy.

Appearance (design)

Design is unimportant. Some consumers believe that when buying, it is better to be guided by the “stuffing” of the device. However, as practice shows, many buyers choose a favorite first of all just by design. The TV should favorably complement the interior, have a beautiful appearance to match the style of the room.

The appearance of the TV against the background of the room
By design, LG and Samsung devices offer users about the same thing: a large screen with a matte surface, framed by laconic thin frames, interesting touches from the designers, convenient and beautiful stand.

By the way, the stand is almost the only difference between the brands’ models. Samsung’s stand is represented by a stationary volumetric rectangular block that protrudes beyond the back of the TV. It is not possible to rotate the “TV” of this brand at the desired angle.

LG’s stand is movable and allows you to rotate the screen wherever you want. It is designed in the form of an elongated forward semicircular design.

Samsung is also inferior in terms of the thickness of the TVs. The depth of many models is 1-2 cm more than LG’s. However, most users argue that this is insensible when watching.

Graphic quality

In this rivalry, the palm of primacy passes from one hand to another. The TVs of each brand have their own strengths.

LG users highlight the following pluses:

  • The transmission of rich dark shades,
  • Naturalness of colors transmitted,
  • 3D function,
  • Wide viewing angle.

Samsung is the leader in terms of such indicators:

  • Good contrast
  • HDR (Peak Illuminator)
  • Brighter and clearer images
  • In dynamic scenes improved detail of objects
  • Detail of objects on the Samsung screen

On LED, as well as on LCD-panels, “Samsung” more deeply conveys the black color. Competitors, on the other hand, paid more attention to the quality of transmission of all colors and got excellent results.

Both brands are constantly experimenting with screen coatings, so it is difficult to judge who succeeded in this more. But the LED backlighting, according to user reviews, is better at Samsung TVs.

For the past few years, the LG brand has been producing LED TVs with 4K resolution. Samsung has LED and LCD models available.

Smart TV

The Smart TV feature opens up a lot of possibilities for the user:

  1. Play
  2. Have access to the Internet
  3. Watch TV shows and movies online
  4. Make Skype calls
  5. Use messengers and social networks
  6. Use the applications and services you need.

Both brands support Smart TV, but with different platforms: LG runs on WebOS, while Samsung uses Tizen.

Users name the main advantage of Smart TV in Samsung TVs as a convenient and intuitive interface, as well as the ability to download and install many useful applications from the store.

Among the disadvantages, they highlight the fact that the programs installed by the manufacturer, which are already in Smart TV, cannot be removed.

Smart TV on LG devices does not have such a large selection of applications in the store, but also gives the user access:

  1. To the built-in browser;
  2. Content from the phone, which can be displayed on the screen;
  3. Movies and TV shows online.

In general, the Smart TV operating systems are good in both brands, but Samsung is still superior to its competitor in the range of applications in the store.

Remote control

Many users remember how the remote control, released by Samsung in 2013, failed miserably. The device was uncomfortable. Fortunately for everyone, the company quickly rehabilitated itself, and the new “remote” turned out to be lightweight and ergonomic.

The remote controls of both companies-competitors are good. They involve voice control and on-screen input.

Most users find the latter extremely inconvenient, preferring it to input with a connected mouse and keyboard. Using additional devices is available in both brands of TVs with a USB connection. The ports are located on the back of the device.

Other features and characteristics

In addition to Smart TV, users also want to see other useful features in the TV. The table shows a comparison of important features of the devices:

LG / Samsung
3D Yes / Yes
Voice control Yes / Yes
8K resolution viewing mode Yes / Yes
Record movies, shows Yes / Yes
Games (sound, speed of device response) Better / Worse
Web Camera Not all models / Yes



The final price of the TV depends on many factors such as the diagonal, support for 3D, HDR, 4K, 8K and other characteristics that determine image quality.

However, it is worth noting that most users give the palm of the price-quality ratio to LG devices. Their quality of color transmission overrides the shortcomings like small range, not too handy remote control, etc. After all, we need a TV set, in the first place, to view a high-quality picture.

Which TV is better: LG or Samsung?

In 2021, Samsung developers surprised users with the release of TVs with a MicroLED matrix. So far, only three models with a diagonal of 88, 99 and 110 inches have appeared. The main advantage of MicroLED is that it combined the best: the functions of OLED, complemented by enhanced brightness and durability of LCD-displays.

Rich color contrast on your TV

To summarize, we note that “TVs” from Samsung, although with a small advantage, but still leading in the comparison. The brand’s devices surpass the competitor’s TVs in a number of factors:

  • color reproduction,
  • convenience of the remote control,
  • The richness of the range in the Smart TV application store
  • faster and better integration with tablets and smartphones,
    operating system,
  • a wide choice of models.

Samsung are not much ahead of the competition, and the latest models in the 40-50″ segment are even better in terms of picture and additional functions. On forums there are quite a few users who prefer LG TVs because of their deep black and useful features such as quick response to commands, which is especially valuable for gamers.


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