LG’s first QNED MiniLED hybrid TV


LG’s first QNED



QNED MiniLED is LG’s new line of premium led TVs. And premium guarantees an incredible viewing experience. In the review of the flagship model: QNED 99 series with 8K resolution and a diagonal of 75 inches.

So, what has LG created? They combined three advanced technologies and got a new one! To the existing technology NANOCell added two more, one of which – a new type of backlight MiniLED. More specifically, 30,000 mini-LEDs and 2,500 individual dimming zones. As a result, this high density of LEDs controls light and color more precisely. As a consequence, contrast and black level control is greatly improved. LG promises a contrast ratio of 1000000:1.

But that’s not all. The new QNED lineup adds a third ingredient – quantum dot technology, which reduces the loss of light. The result is an innovative display – a hybrid of three technologies that complement each other to improve the final image. Hence the name of the new range of TVs QNED, in which Q stands for Quantum technology, that is, quantum dot technology; N – the filtering technology of imprecise shades and ED – emitting diodes, in this case MiniLED.

As for color rendering, the QNED 99 series display shows 100% color reproduction. This was confirmed by tests of the independent certification of Intertek. The flagship is equipped with a matrix with a 10-bit color depth. And if we compare with 8-bit depth of color, which produces 16 million shades, in this model, we get 1 billion shades. That’s why the QNED lineup so confidently promises a wow effect when watching.

Processor A9

The flagship has a fourth-generation Alpha9 processor with artificial intelligence. It constantly analyzes the type of content by both genre and scene, bringing the image and sound to perfection. The model supports three HDR formats: HDR 10, HLG and Dolby Vision. In general, formats in which the content is produced today a lot. However, in addition to these already classic modes, the QNED 90 series model can work with DolbyVision IQ format. Sensors collect information and pass it for processing to the processor, which, in addition to all other duties, optimizes the picture, taking into account the data from these sensors, preserving maximum details, regardless of the brightness of the light.


The flagship is based on the IPS matrix. It means it supports wide viewing angles. Actually, also for this reason, we only see models with larger diagonals: 65, 75 and 86 inches. All for the viewer to enjoy a new experience of watching movies.


Gamers such a large-scale screen can really enjoy it! The gaming features here are as follows: response time – 14.5 seconds. There is also a relatively new setting – the game optimizer. Quick access to settings during the game. This mode is responsible for grouping key gamer’s parameters like frame rate and signal delay. But gamer can use the preset or adjust the settings manually. Since LG is part of HGIG, that is, a group of gaming industry companies that focus on improving HDR, this model will also have high level visual effects.


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