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Nowadays, design renovation is not something extraordinary or innovative, each new project of a house or apartment more and more unordinary. It seems there is nothing to surprise, but it is not, more and more unconventional ideas arise in the mind of the designer, or the consumer. If the designer renovation is becoming commonplace for us, then the question arises, what kind of equipment can be combined with such repairs? After all, for such repairs should be suitable equipment. If the refrigerators, ovens, washing machines have learned to hide inside the walls, cabinets and disguise under the interior, then what to do with the TV? After all, it hangs, stands in the most prominent place, and does not always fit into the new repair, how to be?

Unique in its own way, meet The Serif.


Already thought for us, Samsung has released a line of designer TVs, for all tastes and colors, for the most demanding consumers.

The pioneer in this series is the designer TV The Serif. In appearance, it looks like a kind of old-school TV, in a modern interpretation.

One of the biggest pluses of this TV, is the ease of its placement, thanks to the included legs you can put it in any corner of your apartment, and do not necessarily have to have a cabinet, or hang it on the wall, even if you already have your own stand, you can easily mark on it The Serif!


With the appearance of this TV your design is transformed, it adds variety to your everyday life and lifestyle, with its unique appearance it will be a sophisticated addition to your space. This TV is available in two colors white and light blue, it will perfectly fit into any interior, your room deserves a touch of new colors. It can easily blend in with your existing decor or become the centerpiece of your interior.
your existing décor or become the center of attraction in your living room.



This model is available in 43, 49 and 55 diagonal sizes, whichever one suits your interior you choose, besides it’s one of the best TVs with a premium QLED matrix, with incredibly crisp, rich and bright images, 100% color reproduction. And despite its appearance, The Serif is equipped with all the features of modern TVs, I will not go into details, you can read them on the off-site, but this is a full-fledged smart TV analogues which are not yet on the market.



TV picture, The Frame.



If we initially position The Serif as a TV, and then focus the attention on its uniqueness and originality of style, the Frame can’t be simply called a TV. Why The Frame? Translated from English it is a frame or a picture, both are good enough for us. We got used to standard television sets long ago and got used to seeing a black square when passing by if it is not on, but the unique product that The Frame offers adds a lot of color to our lives.

In this “small world” collected thousands of works of art from around the world, which with a light touch of his hand come to life, a large variety of paintings collected from all over the world are available to you, if you only want to. If you want your TV to match your interior, no problem, just take a picture of the background and The Frame will do the rest. Got a favourite photo? Upload them and set them as your screensaver, and your family and friends will always be with you.



Tired of monotonous design, no problem! Thanks to interchangeable picture frames, this TV can change with your décor, and even adapt to your mood. Frames are available in four colors:


And again, this is still the same unique product with the high quality matrix and QLED technology, you do not have to worry about burnout colors from the constant static image, even if it works all day he does not care, but if you still have somewhere vague doubts or just do not want to waste energy, and there is a solution. Thanks to the smart mode The Frame automatically turns off when you leave the room, and also turns on when you come back.

The diagonals in which it is available are:

32 (the smallest TV with QLED technology)

An imposing choice?

The Frame cares about the environment



A TV box can be transformed into an interesting accessory or piece of furniture. It is easy to make many useful things from it, such as a cat house, a coffee table or a night table. There is a special QR code on the box, passing this code you will open a variety of different things, which will be useful for you in your everyday life.

It is original, isn’t it?


Ultra modern and extraordinary, The Sero



Is your smartphone screen not big enough for you? Do you want to use social networking on a bigger screen? That’s where The Sero comes in handy, if you’re not comfortable using the browser on your TV to browse social media, with a tap of your smartphone you can send the image to your TV. The TV screen automatically scales and adjusts to the content on your smartphone. The TV is attached to the stand, for which there are special wheels, so you can easily move it around the whole area of your apartment, thereby changing the interior of the room.

The Sero automatically rotates when you change the position of your smartphone. It is often used as a TV for presentations or as an advertising stand for fashionable boutiques and stores, so it is versatile. In addition to all this it has an amazing sound 4.1 60W, perfect for watching movies and gives the effect of presence, soccer matches feel like in the stadium, well, you can always invite friends and just arrange a party where this unique product will be the center of attention. Also it is not deprived of the picture mode and premium QLED matrix. The more we get into designer televisions, the more difficult it is for us to choose the model that will suit us best, because they are all unique.

And last, but definitely deserving a place of honor in the top design TVs

Bright and clear – an outdoor TV, The Terrace



Often we have to choose between dining al fresco on the terrace, or at home in the living room by the TV.

The Terrace is the perfect solution for outdoor entertaining year-round. It’s IP55 rated water- and dust-repellent, so it can offer an exciting outdoor viewing experience even in bad weather – and bad weather is no cause for concern. The TV has practical anti-glare technology that reduces reflections and glare from the TV, optimizing the contrast ratio. So you can enjoy your favorite TV series on the patio even on sunny days.



Invite friends over for a picnic, dinner, or watching soccer games outdoors with the new The Terrace TV you don’t have to worry about the extremes of high humidity or dry heat, it will overcome anything. Often people are looking for a TV for their bathroom, bath or sauna here’s your answer, it’s perfect for all of that.



Want to be unique, different from others, and diversify your life, dilute your interior with a fresh solution. Choose one of the designer TVs, and you’ll be happy, but why one? One does not interfere with another, take a few at a time. In general, choose for yourself, the option that suits you best!



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