Overview of the current line of Samsung TVs in 2021

In 2021, South Korean corporation Samsung announced a large number of TVs for sale in the CIS. The most discussed model is the Neo QLED. It is equipped with a backlight Mini LED, which is based on small LEDs. It should also be noted that there is a remote with built-in battery. It is impossible not to highlight the presence of the game panel, which displays FPS. Next, we will look at the new Samsung technology. So it will be easier for you to choose the right Samsung TV.


What should you pay attention to?


  1. The Neo QLED line appeared. It includes models that are equipped with an improved backlighting of the matrix.
  2. There is a model AU9000, which operates at a frequency of 60 Hz. At the same time, it supports gaming mode with 1080p@120 Hz.
  3. The flagship QN85 and QN90A TVs are equipped with ADS matrices.
  4. If Wi-Fi 6 is important to you, then you should pay attention to the MicroLED, QN800 and QN900 lines.
  5. Devices with smaller diagonals differ in features. Even in case they belong to a certain line.
  6. For example, this applies to the Q80A and QN90A series.
  7. All modern TVs support Q-Symphony technology. It allows you to play music from the soundbar and speakers at the same time.
  8. There is no support for Dolby Atmos, but it is possible to send a stream via HDMI.
  9. There are no color prints on the boxes now. This is due to economy and ecology.

About the Tizen 6.0 system.


The interface and navigation are almost unchanged. At the bottom there is a minimalistic panel with application tiles. There are also quick settings and input switches. Of particular interest is the Game Bar. This is the bar that is designed to control the game mode. There is also information about HDR, AMD FreeSync, frame rate. You can immediately turn on widescreen mode.

Now you can view the content of the screen on multiple devices at once. Settings for certain devices are saved in certain templates. You can enable specific modes for workouts and sports broadcasts.

What has become of the Samsung branded remote?

It has changed significantly. The product is equipped with a rechargeable battery, using recycled bottles in its production. It can be recharged through a USB-C port or a solar panel. The remotes now have buttons for popular online movie theaters: Megogo, ivi, Okko.

About Neo QLED lineup

It is the top of Samsung’s range. It uses the exclusive mini LED backlight, which consists of small LEDs. There are 4K and 8K resolution TVs in the lineup. LG has similar models, but they are not yet sold in our region.

That’s not to say it’s a completely new technology. It’s an updated LED backlighting. That said, the 2021 TVs are much thinner. Because of this, the backlighting can be divided into several zones. In addition, it benefits the playback of HDR-content.

And the Micro LED technology is completely new. In it, each point is a microscopic LED. Keep in mind that each pixel is divided into 3 subpixels. This eliminates the color filters and backlighting that are found in standard displays. Each pixel works independently of the others. This technology is similar to OLED. True, there is one serious disadvantage. TVs based on Micro LED are extremely expensive.

About 8K resolution models

In 2021, Samsung has decided to split its top QLED line into 2 series: Neo QLED and QLED. The first includes the backlit TVs mentioned earlier. Each of the series listed includes 2 TVs that vary in resolution. There are 4K and 8K models.

The high pixelation TVs have a more attractive design. They are also equipped with the most advanced features. Reviews note that the devices have incredible brightness, they fully display HDR. Quantum dot coating is used to improve the color palette. In addition, the models work on a modern chip Neo Quantum. It supports improved upscaling and neural networks.

About the matrices used

There is a bit of confusion here. Matrices in TVs for the CIS are different from those installed for the U.S. market. In the forums you can find disappointment, as people wanted to buy models with the VA type. Such models are characterized by high contrast. But they forget that the mini LED backlight compensates for this disadvantage. So even ADs matrices have an optimal level of contrast.

The QN90A TV, which is sold in the United States, is very close to OLED panels in terms of its characteristics. This also applies to the clarity of the image. According to expert reviews, it is one of the best models on the market.

About QLED TVs.

The line has remained practically unchanged since 2020. It also includes three models: Q60, Q70, Q80. It is possible to distinguish the difference in image quality, but you have to look closely. The differences concern other aspects. Now the set comes with a remote control with a battery. In addition, the new TVs are based on the Tizen 6.0 operating system.

There is a flagship model of the lineup – Q80A. At the same time, all televisions have a VA matrix. It is interesting that the models for the U.S. is ADS. Local experts say that there was a clear downgrade of the line.

The difference between Q80A and QN90A is quite significant. In a more budget model the processor is not as productive. In addition, the brightness of HDR is noticeably lower. At the same time, the reviews indicate that the Q80A has optimal contrast and excellent blacks.

What current 4K TVs does Samsung have?

There are no models with VA matrices and LED backlighting in the lineup. There are virtually no differences from the 2020 counterparts. The difference is mainly in the remote control and operating system. The processor and picture enhancement technology is unchanged. Also back is the 9th line, which has not been updated since 2017. Of particular interest is the AU9000.

This TV got gaming features, which came as a surprise to many. Motion Xcelerator Turbo technology is supported, which activates a frequency of 120 Hz. At the same time, only 60 Hz is supported in menus and when watching content.

A more budget-friendly model is the AU8000. It supports Multi View and OTS Lite technology, which affects the sound. Samsung has many features masquerading as brand names. This TV does not support local dimming or a wide color gamut. In addition, viewing angles and brightness are not the best here. If this is important to you, it is better to look at more expensive options.

As for the AU7000, the difference with the AU8000 is the lack of voice search and USB port. In addition, there is a difference in image processing technology. The budget model does not have the same quality color palette. So far, there is no exact data on how much of this difference is seen in real life.

The AU7000 is not a bad upgrade from last year’s counterpart. The updated TV has an additional HDMI port. It also comes with an upgraded remote control with a rechargeable battery. Judging by the list of features, there are no other changes.

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