Samsung Neo QLED 2022 QN90A review

2022 is a year of experimentation for TV manufacturers. Brands are trying to move away from the problematic OLED with pixels that burn out. This year, Samsung is releasing televisions with alternative technologies. One of these made its way to us for testing. This is the Samsung Neo QLED 2022 QN90A. We will tell you what has changed in the transition from OLED to the new type of backlighting and how it feels.


The screen: this has never been


Samsung Neo QLED 2022 is offered with five screen diagonals: 50, 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches. In all cases, the resolution is 4K (3840×2160 pixels) and the refresh rate is 120 Hz. The HDMI version is 2.1. This will allow both settings to be used in games and broadcast in 4K 120 Hz.

We got the 65″ version. This is the best option for a spacious living room, where the distance from the TV to the sofa is three meters or more. The picture is big and clear, it is comfortable to watch TV even from a distance.

The main feature of Neo QLED 2022 is the backlighting of Mini LED type, which is the first Samsung TV series with this technology, and in principle, there are only a few models with this technology on the market. The task of Mini LED is to replace OLED, becoming a more reliable technology without the disadvantages of its predecessor. Its advantages are lower power consumption and slower pixel burnout.

Samsung Neo QLED 2022 reduced the size of the LED by 1/40 of the standard size. This reduced the optical distance and made the case thinner. The new LEDs display deeper shades of black without the effect of halo and blooming, while significantly increasing contrast by increasing the peak brightness when displaying small objects.

Color rendering in Neo QLED 2022 is as accurate as possible thanks to Quantum Matrix technology. It controls the backlighting so that colors are as natural as possible in both the darkest and brightest scenes. The Neo Quantum processor also plays a role, with updated scaling algorithms using artificial intelligence. It enables even greater contrast by optimizing neural networks and deep learning algorithms.

Dynamic range is wide, thanks to HDR10+ technology. Dolby Vision is not declared. However, this is not a loss, while the technology is almost not used, and the films compatible with it are few.

Software and connection to devices: how to watch soccer without being distracted by your phone


The TV runs on the Samsung TizenOS operating system. My first impression is that I think I’ve discovered the One UI on the big screen. The design code is the same as the shell for smartphones: the same font, the same icons, the same colors.

Tiles with applications are located at the bottom of the screen: the main and frequently used. You can enter the menu without interrupting content viewing. It is especially convenient that TizenOS TV remembers where you paused the video – and even after rebooting the device you can start watching movies from the right moment.

On TizenOS, Samsung has its own app store, from where you can install games and play them without a console. Tizen models support all domestic streaming services and can play content from external media.


MultiView is an interesting technology. With its help, it is possible to display on the TV screen the image from the phone display, simultaneously broadcasting other content. It is improved – now you can display the picture from the phone display in picture-in-picture mode – the main content in full screen and the image from the smartphone in a window.

MultiView is useful, for example, when watching soccer. The game is displayed in full screen, and you can open the FlashScore and see the lineup, statistics or the standings in the window.

By the way, MultiView is not only available with a Samsung TV and smartphone. To use this function, you can use a mobile device of any brand and operating system, in particular iOS. To use it, you need to install the Samsung SmartThings application. The Bluetooth standard is 5.2.

Remote control: where are the buttons?


A feature of the Neo QLED 2022 QN90A remote control is a minimum of buttons. TizenOS made it possible. The operating system is designed so that it is possible to place as few buttons as possible on the remote, in principle arrows and “OK” are enough, everything else can be done in the interface.

The remote control is charged via USB-C. By the way, it can replenish its energy with a solar panel. You can put it with the bottom panel up and it will recharge.
The body of the remote is plastic black. Previous generations offered a silver metal one. Black is less conspicuous, the remote is clearly not something to draw attention to in the interior.

Sound: voluminous and with the effect of presence


The sound of Neo QLED 20221 QN90A is loud and clear. The capacity of the speaker system is 60 W and the sound channel is 4.2.2.

The sound is also improved programmatically. Samsung Object Tracking Sound+ audio technology allows you to hear sound directly from the relative location of an object on the screen, even if the object is moving. Space Fit Sound automatically selects the optimal sound settings based on an analysis of the TV’s location and installation environment, such as when wall-mounted or placed on a stand. Q-Symphony mode allows you to hear sound from both the TV speakers and the soundbar at the same time.

Design and ergonomics: very subtle


The Neo QLED 2022 is noticeably thinner than its predecessors. QN90A dimensions are 1670.0 x 958.2 x 27.7 mm. The thickness of the body deserves special attention. The Mini LED backlight made it even thinner.
The foot is monolithic plastic, it is attached to the bottom of the case with screws. The color is black. There is no hinge on it so you cannot rotate the screen at a comfortable angle like on the Philips The One 58PUS8505.

The rear panel has four HDMI ports and two USB ports. They are grouped in one place in the left side of the case with only the power slot on the right.


Samsung Neo QLED 2022 QN90A is the optimal TV for you to buy right now. It does not increase the price for yet unused parameters and technologies like 8K resolution and Dolby Vision. At the same time, it meets the requirements of 2022.

4K, 120Hz and HDMI 2.1 – with these features, it’s perfect for watching modern movies in online movie theaters and consoles. Just the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One X offer games in 4K 120 Hz, and that requires HDMI 2.1.

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