Samsung QN900B Neo QLED 8K TV review

Samsung introduced at the CES 2022 new Neo QLED 8K . With the new QN900B 8K TV, you can enter the world of latest generation imaging. The advanced 14-bit brightness scale with Quantum Mini LED technology allows you to control screen backlighting better than ever. Previously invisible details in dark and light scenes will be amazingly clear. What’s more, this model is equipped with the AI Quantum 8K multi-intelligent neural processor. The learning process used to analyze the image improves the quality of each scene by enhancing contrast and color. 20 multi-model neural networks analyze area-specific data to make the scaling process the best it can be. This allows you to experience the full depth of the image in near 8K quality.


The perfect 8K picture

The Samsung QN900B TV lets you see every scene in its entirety, frame by frame. 33 million pixels will ensure an ultra-realistic image and experience at the highest level. This model is also equipped with an anti-reflective coating. With it, you’ll forget about the reflected light that can interfere with an evening marathon or daytime game. This feature is a great addition to the extra wide viewing angle. Whichever seat you’re in. The view will always be perfect. Eye Comfort mode, on the other hand, automatically adjusts picture brightness and color temperature based on the intensity of natural light outside. As a result, your eyes will be less tired with a soft and friendly picture. The TV also offers a Filmmaker mode, which will display the movie the way its creator intended.

Colors, contrast and smoothness with the Samsung QN900B TV

An image filled with billions of colors, even at maximum brightness. This is possible thanks to 100% Color Intensity technology (thanks to Quantum Dot). The Samsung QN900B TV also offers stunning HDR content. Neo Quantum HDR 4000 technology with Quantim Matrix Pro technology and HDR10+ support increases contrast and adds depth to colors. This solution allows you to see the finest detail in every scene. Every scene, from the brightest to the darkest, immerses you in its own depth. This model will also appeal to gamers. It features Advanced Motion Fluidizer +. Enhanced motion up to 120Hz in 4K lets you enjoy great dynamics without lag or blur, whether you’re watching a match or standing alone on the battlefield. While Image Depth Enhancer technology increases contrast in the foreground.


Sound that follows the subject


To fully captivate you with the picture, the Samsung QE75QN900B 8K TV also offers great sound. Sound Follow Object Pro technology with 6.2.4-channel speaker format tracks the movements that appear on the screen, making the listening experience realistic and unique. What’s more, Sound Adaptation + and an active voice amplifier ensure that you won’t miss any important dialogue in your favorite TV show, TV program or movie. This model also provides impressive Dolby Atmos surround sound. This solution will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. Let yourself be carried away by the cinematic experience.

The Best Ambient+ Lights

You don’t have to use your TV just to watch movies, TV shows, or games. It can also be a great addition to your living room. The special Ambient+ mode allows you to create a space and complement it with anything you like. With it you can set what will be displayed on the screen of your Samsung QN900B TV when you turn it off. You can choose between your favorite photos, information or works of famous artists. You can also make the device blend in with its surroundings and disappear. In addition, Absolutely Boundless Design makes the TV minimalist and extremely elegant. Its slim profile will fit perfectly into any space.


Samsung QN900B TV is also designed for gamers.

Achieve better gaming results with the Samsung QN900B TV. It has been equipped with a number of features that will take gaming to the next level. The FreeSync Premium Pro feature will be responsible for smooth animation, reduced tearing and reduced frame clipping. Automatic game mode will provide immediate response to every movement and minimal imperceptible delays. On the other hand, a player panel with extensive menus will allow you to control screen settings, wireless headphones and other settings.


Tizen Smart TV platform

The special Smart TV platform will turn your living room into an entertainment center. With this, your Samsung QN900B QLED TV will meet the expectations of every member of the family. Quick access to your favorite content with the new Smart Hub will allow you to discover new movies and TV series to be selected based on your previous choices. Use a variety of apps like Netflix, Spotify and YouTube to get the most out of your big screen. What’s more, use the SmartThings app to control your smart home devices. Control and manage compatible products, such as your washing machine or refrigerator, with your remote control or voice.

Functionality and convenience

Display movies, photos or music from your smartphone with one touch. Touch & View makes it easy to transfer content from your phone to your Samsung QN900B TV. The device also has a Multi Viev feature that will split the screen into two parts, allowing you to watch content from your TV and your phone. The TV also allows you to make video calls. Just connect your camera and sync the Google Duo app. Q-Symphony (only works with compatible devices) will force the speakers to sync with the sound bar for even more amplification. On the other hand, the One Connect Pro module lets you forget about tangled cables in the back. One neat box lets you plug in all the wires to keep them under control.

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