Samsung The Premiere short-throw 4K laser projectors


Samsung The Premiere – Lasers, 4K and ultra-short-focus optics – Next generation laser projectors review

Samsung The Premiere has several important features:


They use ultra-short-focus optics. The senior model LSP9T covers a screen of 100 inches at a distance of only 11 cm from the wall (and with the zoom it pulls in all 130 inches!). The junior LSP7T provides a picture of 100 inches diagonally from a distance of 30 cm and can zoom to 120 inches. Thus, the user of Samsung The Premiere projectors does not need to think about suspension, complex installation, cabling or light flow, which can obscure the viewer’s head. Everything here is refined and simple, just as with a conventional TV installation.

With one “but”: it is worth cinephile once look at the picture size of 100 – 130 inches, and the way back for him will not be. The scope, scale and effect of presence, provided by video projectors for home cinema, always cause the viewer genuine amazement and delight.


The laser technology of the light source should be noted. The Samsung The Premiere LSP9T is the first in the world to use a triple laser: separated blocks for red, blue and green guarantee a stunning palette, brightness and contrast of the picture. Samsung The Premiere LSP7T is powered by a single laser – but, again, the technology here is different from what we’re used to. This light system works not in three, but in four colors (red, green and blue are added to yellow), which allows you to create a noticeably larger coverage of the palette. Also, this laser is characterized by higher power, as a result, Samsung The Premiere LSP7T works perfectly even with extra-large screens over 120 inches diagonally.

This approach allows you to take full advantage of the Filmmaker Mode, which provides studio-quality images, that is exactly as the director intended. But that’s not all – the new units use the latest MEMC technology and 16-bit 3D Color Mapping (16-bit three-dimensional color coding). The MEMC (motion estimation and compensation) algorithm is responsible for inserting frames into motion-rich scenes, making their display much smoother. And three-dimensional color coding overcomes the limitations of existing palettes and takes color realism to a whole other level.


Both projectors have really high light output. Of course, the magic of cinema dictates complete disconnection from reality and viewing in the dark. But in the home, providing a complete blackout is sometimes banal inconvenient. So the 2 800 lumens brightness of Samsung The Premiere LSP9T and 2 200 lumens LSP7T guarantees comfortable viewing even with little external light. It will practically have no effect on the picture quality, but it will add comfort. In addition, the senior model of the projector supports video with HDR 10+. The picture resolution of both devices, of course, full 4K (3 840 x 2 160 pixels).


Special mention should be made of the audio system. Yes, yes, Samsung The Premiere projectors have on “board” an array of powerful bass and MF/HF drivers. A very strange situation on the market – when you buy a TV set you can always count on its sound, but when you buy a projector you usually have to make a mess with an external sound system – is finally changing. This approach definitely makes projection technology closer and more convenient for the viewer. LSP7T sound system already looks great (sound format 2.2 with 30 watts), but the most impressive is LSP9T equipment.

The top model uses Samsung Acoustic Beam technology: the speakers work through 44 acoustic holes in the body of the device, forming a 360-degree surround panorama with a very impressive localization of effects. The 4.2 sound system can deliver a total of 40 watts of power (2 x 10 watts for the subwoofer, 2 x 5 watts for the midrange drivers and 2 x 5 watts for the Acoustic Beam system). The force tubes through which the tweeters radiate guarantee a “directional soundscape,” allowing you to form a rich sound field right around your couch.

Finally, fifthly

Let’s remember the appearance of the projectors. Here Samsung is also changing the current stereotypes. Why a TV set can and should be the center of the interior, but a projector often looks more like a shoebox? The Premiere projectors have something to surprise their owners. They have a trendy, minimalist design, while the size of the devices remain small. Well, the finish with premium textiles from the Danish brand Kvadrat (known for furniture production and partnerships with leading acoustic brands) looks impeccable.

Of course, Samsung The Premiere is equipped with all of Samsung’s Smart TV features, including the superior Smart HUB user interface. So for owners of branded TVs, working with the ecosystem will be absolutely intuitive. In this case, all the features, including applications Youtube, Amazon Prime Video and other embedded streaming services, as well as UPnP will be available to the owner directly “out of the box. And for computer gamers there is Game Enhancer mode, which reduces the output delay to 53 ms and significantly increases the smoothness of the image.

A few words about ergonomics. Over the years, many users have grown accustomed to the long minutes it takes to start up a projector. This is not the case with Samsung The Premiere models – the devices are switched on in 10-20 seconds and with Tap View function you can instantly start broadcasting your smartphone screen, you just need to touch the device to the body of the video projector. And the cherry on the cake is the long service life. Since the devices do not use conventional lamps, their life coincides with the life of the laser unit, which is not less than 20,000 hours.

So how does Samsung The Premiere perform “in combat”? For starters, we ran our favorite final battle from the movie “Black Panther,” then switched to the subdued gamut of Nolan’s “Dovod” and then turned on the good old “Terminator 2.” In all cases the machines showed the highest class in terms of picture quality. Delightful detail, excellent depth of blacks and contrast, reference work on scenes with active camera movement, a truly three-dimensional frame and the richest palette of colors. Skin tones, vivid colors, night scenes – all this was almost indistinguishable from reality, and the overall impression of the picture was one: “it looks like a window opened to the street.

I must say that the difference in light output between the LSP9T and LSP7T felt very little, and the projectors talents in covering the 120-inch screen did not cause a single reason for criticism. Equally pleasant feeling was left by the sound of the devices – without claiming to be in the reference class, it was quite possible to immerse yourself in the center of the events without turning on a full-fledged home theater.


Samsung’s return to the home theater projector market has turned out to be a triumph. Even the Samsung The Premiere LSP7T left no room for criticism, well, the flagship three-laser Samsung The Premiere LSP9T deserves to be included in very high level installations. At the same time, the ease of installation and operation is incomparable with projectors of traditional design.

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