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The best torrent client for Windows

Torrent clients have been around for years, offering users high-speed downloads, easy search and stream customization. P2P protocol makes it possible to download huge amounts of information: books, music, movies, and other software. The peculiarity of the peer-to-peer tracker system is that all information is stored only by users, saving space on the server. Among the huge variety, it is quite difficult to choose the best torrent client. Let’s look at the most popular programs for downloading files.


According to many experts, uTorrent is the best free torrent client in the world. The love of millions of users and a huge set of features have been putting the program in the top of the best torrent clients for years. The application helps you download content of any size without bogging down your system. The principle of operation is quite simple – a single file is divided into separate pieces and downloaded in parallel from different users who have downloaded the program. Accordingly, the more users who have downloaded the file, the higher the download speed of the torrent files.

With uTorrent, it is easy to stop and resume downloading even after restarting your computer. The streaming download feature downloads the file sequentially. For example, if you are downloading a movie, you can simultaneously view the downloaded part and continue the download process in parallel.

The simple interface has detailed statistics: speed, number of uploaders, time to completion, priority and limitations.


  • the program is free;
  • parallel loading of multiple files;
  • minimal consumption of system resources;
  • Drag-and-drop technology;
  • download torrent files from RSS feed.


  • no built-in player;
  • a lot of ads;
  • opens by default when you turn on your computer.
  • Torrent client works on Windows 7, 8, XP and is recognized as the best for Windows 10.


qBitTorrent is a powerful and convenient tool of the BitTorrent network. It always follows uTorrent in the ranking of the best, despite the fact that it has similar functionality and a more user-friendly interface. Among the main tools, it is worth noting:

  • availability of an integrated search engine;
  • plugin support;
  • built-in speed limit manager;
  • filtering by IP;
  • remote control via web interface;
  • Sequential download option.


  • Huge options for setting download priorities in order, speed, selecting the right and excluding unnecessary streams;
  • built-in check the downloaded file for viruses;
  • high speed downloads through a wide search of uploads;
  • wizard for beginners;
  • annoying ads that can be disabled in paid version;
  • Possibility to disable UDP-tracker;
  • supports all popular operating systems: Windows, Linux, Android


  • does not work on macOS Catalina;
  • long process of caching files;
  • no built-in player for previewing downloads;
  • can consume more traffic than the actual file size;
  • language pack must be downloaded separately;
  • some features require Python to be installed;
  • some resources are hard to access.


Despite the fact that the program has been on the market for a long time, not much was heard about it until recently. When uTorrent bought the utility, BitTorrent’s development was put on hold. But today, after rehashing the interface and functionality of its big brother, the program is back on the list of the best programs. It uses a similar mechanism of work, namely a peer-to-peer system, the download speed depends on the number of uploaders that distribute files. It is possible to download several files at once, setting the maximum speed and priority for each. At the bottom of the window you can view statistics, open tabs, download time information, maximum and minimum speed.


  • clear, intuitive interface;
  • downloading at high speed;
  • there is a function of streaming downloads;
  • built-in client search on the site com;
  • the ability to adjust priorities and the maximum download speed;
  • you can find detailed statistics.

If you compare it with uTorrent, BitTorrent is not inferior. It is fast, stable and safe. It is adapted for Windows 7, XP, Vista.


The story of this program started with the Azureus project. This tool was originally intended for watching and sharing video, rather than just being a torrent tracker. And in 2006, under the name Vuze, the utility became a full-fledged client. The program is free, but there is premium access for an additional fee.

The client supports parallel downloading of files, restoration of interrupted downloads, bypassing the protection of blocking providers, playing streaming videos with Magnet Links.


  • stability in operation;
  • high download speed;
  • a wide range of features of the program;
  • functional interface;
  • The ability to connect via a proxy server;
  • multitasking.


  • Vuze interface is aesthetically inferior to similar programs;
  • It overloads hardware resources, especially when working with multiple streams;
  • Speed detector does not always correctly identify the channel width at the beginning of downloading.
  • The developers are constantly updating the program, improving functionality and quality of work.

Despite Vuze is not inferior to the above mentioned utilities, it has not received proper attention on our market yet.


Not a bad torrent tracker, mostly winning in the number of functions. True, the developers have not bothered about the interface and shell design. The built-in player allows you to view Flash files, and the Explorer window makes it easy to find the necessary torrent files.

A distinctive feature is the ability to download the first and last parts of each multimedia file. The developers are tirelessly improving the program, for example, BitComet was the first to offer a stable version for 64-bit systems.

The data caching feature is interesting. Thanks to it, the program will refer to the disk less often and will not affect the performance of low-powered computers when downloading files at a high speed.


  • it is a free program;
  • The ability to view the downloaded file, even if it is not fully loaded;
  • increase hard disk endurance;
  • it has a task scheduler;
  • integrated browser;
  • Magnet-links support;
  • smart storage.


  • low number of users;
  • a lot of advertising;
  • The interface is overloaded with unnecessary elements;
  • large amount of resources are needed for the interface to work quickly.
  • The company had some legal difficulties with the FileHippo host site for a while, but this did not affect the operation of the program in any way.


A cross-platform torrent client popular among Linux system users. Its wide functionality, high level of security and support for plugins are the reasons why users love it.

Deluge is one of the first torrent trackers for Windows, released back in September 2006. Originally developed for Linux, it was later adapted for Windows and became very demanding on PC resources.

The installation process is very simple, during it Deluge does not load unnecessary software or open unnecessary links. The program weighs only 34 kilobytes.

The application’s interface is very similar to qBittorrent.


  • broad functionality;
  • stable operation;
  • no significant load on computer hardware and software resources.


  • overloaded interface;
  • Focused on the English-speaking user – the menu is built on the principles and logic typical for American and European programs;
  • file names only in English.

Deluge will definitely cause a positive impression among former Linux users. The color scheme and some elements are surprisingly similar on Windows and Linux versions. You will definitely enjoy the possibility of flexible settings and plugins.

It is impossible to say unequivocally which tracker is the best in 2022. Almost all have similar functionality and do not differ much in interface, perform the main task – download torrent files. Only after trying all the options, you can find the most suitable torrent tracker for you. What do you pay attention to when choosing a tracker? We are waiting for your answers in the comments.



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