Top 10 Best Games Like GTA V


Top 10 GTA-like games

When you want to splash out emotions not to the detriment of others, the best choice will be action games in the style of GTA. And the military says that many drone operators have gained the basic experience and stamina in such games. Collected TOP games, similar to GTA, which give an opportunity to relax and pump your eye!

Red Dead Redemption 2.

This game is called “GTA Wild West”. The title is well-deserved, both stories did one team of developers Rockstar! Story has an elaborate gameplay with story-driven events that affect the player’s actions.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is famous for online multiplayer, where you can customize your avatar and fight with hundreds of gamers at a time. The choice of weapons is huge, but in line with the historical segment:

  • pistols and revolvers;
  • rifles, shotguns, bows;
  • knives (including machetes), swords, and even Molotov cocktails.

In single-player and online games the gamer is offered absolute freedom of choice. He does not have to follow all the missions. He can hunt bad guys, rob rich people, give money to poor people, run away from sheriffs or become the guardian of the law, dealing with criminals.

Mafia: Defenetive Edition

Like the original story, the action takes place in the mid-1930s inside the fictional town of Lost Haven (Forgotten Paradise), which is infrastructurally reminiscent of a mix of Chicago and New York of those times.

In Mafia: Defenetive Edition you will have to play as the cab driver Thomas Angelo. From the first missions he gets thrown into the whirlpool of events. He almost immediately becomes a member of one of the largest mafia groups in the city. Thomas’s head is constantly being hunted by competitors. If he decides to leave the criminal world, the criminals will quickly come after his family. Therefore, Thomas is left with no other choice, and he becomes part of the mafia.

The key difference between the games of the classic Mafia trilogy is the extended storyline. If Mafia 2002 had an interesting but short plot, in the 2020 version the developers noticeably extended the game by adding 10+ hours of twists and turns of fate. Also in the new version, the gamer can ride motorcycles, which makes the game even more like GTA.

If the player is bored with the missions, they can explore the city in “Walking” mode and enter stores, cafes, and other entertainment venues. This makes the game a competitor to the freedom-loving GTA, just in a different setting.

Watch Dogs Legion.

London is calling! The third part of the cult “watchdogs” game combines the noir atmosphere of the first part and bright graphics of the second. The player is transferred to the city of the future, where drones fly everywhere, and advertising-holography changes the appearance of landmarks.

But in all this there is a fly in the ointment – the PMC Albion has seized power in a futuristic London and without fear of beating up passers-by. And those who are not physically approached by the military from the “Legion” suffer from “big brother” ctOS, which through cameras and cell phones monitors every action and thought of the citizens.

Moreover, the list of bad guys here is not limited to Albion alone. The player will have to fight against a group of hackers “Day Zero” and a huge gang of criminals “Kelly”. All of them are pumped up with state-of-the-art technology.

But there is no protagonist here. Gamer in Watch Dogs will have to play as different citizens. Each of them has its own abilities: one is a good driver, the second is able to hack websites. Grannies have their own spy “grandma-agentura” even in the most guarded areas of the capital. The squad can be manned by whomever you want, and you can also change your character right during a mission.

Saints Row

A series of action games in the genre pleases players with the ability to freely customize the main character. If in GTA V the gamer will be playing for the pre-selected characters, in Saints Row you can change the physique, appearance, gender and even the race of the hero in the course of the story. In the game you can choose several ways of development: from small bully to a businessman with dozens of stores.

The new, 5th part of the game will be released on August 23, 2022. It is set in the fictional town of Santo Ileso. It looks like a mix of three real cities: Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco. At the start of the game, the town is under the control of 3 criminal gangs at once:

The Maidari Panthers. Prefer to intimidate enemies with brute force in hand-to-hand combat.
Idols. Lovers of clubs and illegal entertainment.
Marshals. Private military corporation, whose duty is to ensure the safety of the metropolis. True, under the word “security” they have their own meanings.
The gamer controls a hero named Boss. He assembles a team of those who, for whatever reason, do not like the current situation. Moreover, he is only looking for those who have already been in one of the three leading gangs. And gradually the gamer gathers a unique gang and wins with it the monopoly power in the metropolis.

Those who like to play with friends will like the updated cooperative mode. Gamer will be able to pass the story part alone and together with friends. In new simultaneous co-op each player will have his own “boss” and advance on his missions simultaneously helping the other player. Those who have managed to test the game, say that it’s more advantageous to pump the opposite skills. Then the efforts of two teams can be combined into an invincible combo.

Sleeping Dogs

GTA with Asian charm. That is what critics call Sleeping Dogs, that saw the world in 2012 and for over 10 years holds the top places in the charts of action games. Its events take place in Hong Kong and reveal the “inner workings” of the Japanese mafia.

The gamer himself will become an undercover cop named Wei Shen. He is one of the best Hong Kong police officers, who is able to skillfully drive a car, fight in close combat with firearms and even solve complex intellectual problems.

The concept of Sleeping Dogs is identical to GTA – an open world where you can explore the environment, complete missions and pump up your character’s skills. At the same time, the player will have to balance the good and the bad. After all, Shenyu will have to participate in a criminal showdown, committing crimes of varying severity.

In the course of the game you can buy new skills for the character. To do this you need to earn triad and police points that are accumulated during the passage of missions. Triad points can be earned when Wei uses environments and fighting techniques in a fight with enemies. Police points are already accumulated, but by beating up bystanders or knocking down traffic signs, they will decrease with each illegal action. So keep your steering wheel, otherwise there’s a chance you’ll lose all your police points!

Just Cause

A series of games where you have to wreak havoc. In the fourth installment of the franchise, protagonist Rico Rodriguez travels to Solis Island to free it from the Black Hand organization that has been bugging him since the first installment.

The plot revolves around weather phenomena and their impact on island life. When the tornado rages in the region, it tears out the trees, destroys the buildings and lifts the cars into the air. So it is better to play Just Cause with headphones – so it is easier to hear where the storm is coming from.

The basic arsenal is the same as in 3 parts: parachute, wing-suit and cat-hook. Each aspect of it can be customized by adjusting the rate of ascent, gravity, etc.

“Right Cause” constantly forces the gamer to fight alone against a crowd of enemies. As the game progresses, Rico Rodriguez will be joined by other freedom lovers. In the second half of the story, he will be able to create his own army of several combat units.

L.A. Noire.

An intelligent GTA in the setting of ’50s Los Angeles. And these are not just words. The development of this game is handled by the same publisher that creates the series “The Great Auto Chase” – Rockstar Games.

The key difference between Noire and the franchise is that the gameplay here is not focused on fights and sudden change of events, but instead focuses on detective investigations of varying degrees of complexity. The main feature of the game – the layout of the streets in the game map perfectly repeats the “city of angels” of 70 years ago. Be prepared for the fact that it is markedly different from today’s Los Angeles, but rather resembles a large urban village.

The main part of the gameplay is interrogating people. Pay attention to every word you say, because sometimes one accidentally dropped phrase in the first missions will close a big case in the second half of the game. If the interrogation is successful, the player gets experience points, that increases the level of the protagonist. This, in turn, improves health, which is critical in gunfights, or adds an intuition point. It will be useful during the interrogation or evidence search.

Far Cry 6

New part of Far Cry was released in the end of 2021 and managed to win the hearts of millions of players! Here also like in GTA the gamer has full freedom of movement and choice of missions. He can aimlessly walk around the map searching for the hidden treasures and diligently pass the mission by mission.

The action takes place in the hot fictional land of Yara. The hero will have to run through villages, megalopolises and even inside a wild jungle with beaches. Dictator Anton Chistillo in the game wants to regain unconditional power and uses the most terrible methods to do so.

The greater the aggression, the greater the resistance. The player will become a part of it. In Far Cry 6 gamer will play as Dani Rojas – talkative man, that is ready for everything for the good of his country. The talkative character is the distinctive feature of new part. Before in Far Cry you may hear only “yes” and “no” and hard sighs during the running. Here Dany is not ashamed of his words about dictator and his henchmen.


Also Far Cry 6 finally has the cooperative multiplayer that players have been waiting for years. True, you need to have an active PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass subscription. But this investment is worth every penny! Even the most difficult missions are finished many times faster, as a friend will be able to cover from the bullets of the enemy at the most extreme moments.


A fun trilogy of games similar to GTA, which is loved by players for the mix of genres – shooter, platformer and sandbox with an open world. And the “cherry” on the cake is an unusual system of character progression: you can upgrade your skills gradually or start communicating with booster characters that will speed up the process of getting usefulness.
The game conquers with its crazy, futuristic and freedom of action. If the player finds the right outfit, he won’t even need transportation. He will be able to make block long jumps.

The plot revolves around a special agent who has decided to overthrow an evil government. The key task in Crackdown 3 is to assemble his army of daredevils and raise the rebellion. When shooting here, the main thing is to calculate your location.

You need to make sure you don’t get hit by enemy bullets and blast waves. You don’t have to worry about the sight, it automatically aims at the enemy’s heart.

Each of 10 GTA-style games has its own peculiarities: somewhere you can change the characters like a glove, others win over with their quiet concept. But each of them in its own way reveals and complements the genre of free world, beloved by fans of the “Big Carjacking”.



A third-person superhero action game where the player can become a superhuman, changing his appearance faster than Venom or the Hulk. The protagonist Alex was once a clerk. He was kidnapped by military and infected with a virus that turned him into a three-meter long, man-eating monster.

With each passing hour New York City turns into a megalopolis of apocalypse – the city is flooded with zombies, mutants and more military. As a result, every time Alex’s health drops, he faces a moral dilemma – to eat one of the few healthy civilians or lose the current mission. And it must be done very quickly, so the keyboard must be modern – with minimal response time.

The first tutorial mission takes the player into the thick of things. He gets into one of the final battles with the most leveraged skills. After completing the tutorial, the hero wakes up at the start of the story, when the city was still gray, boring and with healthy people. However, after a few hours of play the city begins to rapidly develop a virus. It first appears in the form of pustules on buildings, then zombies appear and in the end the metropolis turns into a city full of mutants.

The game will appeal to fans of action and constant movement. The choice of transport is huge: – dozens of vehicles, a wide fleet of flying and swimming machines and unusual weapons. You will have to switch between abilities and weapons often – it is the only way to defeat enemies with minimal damage to your health.

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