Toyota Prius Phone Mount – best phone mount for dashboard


Toyota Prius Phone Mount – best phone mount for dashboard

How to choose a holder for your phone in the car: tips and recommendations
This text will be useful to motorists who are still undecided or simply do not know how to choose a phone holder in the car.
How to choose a holder for your phone in the car: tips and recommendations
A small accessory that allows the driver to talk without distracting from the road, or use the smartphone as a navigator, must meet certain requirements.
It can be an affordable price and good quality holder, tilt angles, maximum diagonal and weight of the installed mobile gadget.

How to choose a holder for your phone in the car: tips and advice

Type of mounting in the cabin
One of the easiest and most universal ways to install the phone in the car salon – the use of a suction cup.
The holder is attached to a special rubber nozzle, which is held by a vacuum created between the surface and the nozzle.
The advantage of the option – easy attachment, the disadvantage – a high probability that the suction cup will come off with strong vibration.
Smartphones can be installed on clamps or deflector car holders. Mounting mechanism is a clamp made of metal or plastic, attached to the parts of the car interior. The advantage of the holder is its high reliability, the disadvantage is that it can break while mounting a heavy mobile device.
Holders on the adhesive basis, which are held with an adhesive base. The principle of installation resembles the use of double-sided adhesive tape.
Holders of this type are chosen for simple installation and high reliability. Minus variant – problems with its removal and reattachment.

The way of installation of the phone

Mobile devices can also be attached to the holder in different ways:
With the help of a special magnet. Such a mount looks like a round or rectangular plate that holds the mobile device. The set can go 2 magnets – one attaches to the phone, the second – to the holder. The advantages of mounts – support for large diagonals, up to 7-8″. Disadvantages – the possibility of detaching the phone with a strong shaking.
Mechanical clamps – claws that fix the smartphone. You will need more effort to install the mobile device, and the range of diagonals is limited. But it will hold more reliably.
Due to the friction force. Holder is a plastic mat on which you can put the phone. Movement is limited by the structure of the material. Although on an uneven road, the mobile device can still fall.
Holders can be specialized designed for specific smartphone models. Such mounts do not have the ability to adjust the height and width. Universal devices provide installation of different phones – usually with diagonals from 4 to 6 inches.

Other selection criteria

Holders for smartphones can also be selected according to additional parameters:
maximum weight, which can withstand the mount – for phones this parameter rarely matters, but some models of holders allow you to install even tablets;
Design – a parameter that depends on the owner’s preferences, but it is recommended in any case choose a discreet mount so it does not distract the attention of the driver from the road;
the ability to adjust the angle of inclination in different directions – this increases the level of comfort when using the phone;
the size of the accessory, which should not cover neither the dashboard, nor the controls of the multimedia system or climate control.
You can pay attention to the additional devices. For example, the ability to charge your phone while it is installed on such a stand – charging can be wired or wireless. There are models with a built-in microphone and

Xiaomi Mi Qi Car Wireless Charger

How to choose a holder for your phone in the car: tips and recommendations
Powerful holder-charger from Xiaomi
The holder from the famous Chinese brand is distinguished not only by its functionality, but also by its attractive appearance.
Among the features of Wireless Car Charger is a sensor mechanism for opening and closing the mount, provided by two sensors – the first captures the approach of the phone, the second responds to your finger.
The protection of the front panel provides 2.5D glass, and the area above the coil Qi is illuminated by an LED ring.
The charger is expensive, but its design includes not only wireless charging with 20 watts, but also a fan that provides cooling for the phone. Maximum charging speeds are not supported by all smartphones – but Xiaomi device owners can count on full compatibility.
The advantages of choosing the Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger:
  • availability of a powerful charger that provides not only the installation of the phone, but also its fast charging;
  • Not a bad complete set, which allows you to do without buying additional accessories;
  • touch opening mechanism;
  • stylish design of the holder;
  • strong fastening with a clamp.
A few disadvantages:
  • a relatively high price, although it is justified by the functionality;
  • Reducing the life of the phone battery when using such a powerful charger;
  • full compatibility of the charger with Xiaomi smartphones – models of other brands will charge more slowly.

Baseus Car and Desk Holder Osculum Type

How to choose a holder for your phone in the car: tips and recommendations
Phone in Osculum Type Car & Desk Holder
Holder Osculum Type is a secure holder that is installed on a suction cup.
The peculiarity of holder can be called an automatic regulation of feet width – the phone presses on the bottom part and the sides are tightened.
The device is excellent for smartphones with a diagonal of up to 6 inches.
Advantages of the device:
  • simple suction cup attachment – great for both the torpedo and glass;
  • No need to adjust the width – it is set automatically;
  • Availability of holes for the charging wire, which is not bent, if the phone installed in the holder is connected to the cigarette lighter;
  • affordable price.
Disadvantages of the device:
  • not too comfortable installation of the phone with a large screen;
  • the presence of only one degree of freedom;
  • low plastic quality.

Baseus Gravity 10W – Best phone mount for prius

How to choose a holder for your phone in the car: tips and recommendations
Mounting with wireless charging
The device called Baseus Gravity 10W will cost less than the holder “Xiaomi”.
However, this mount has less features and charging speed is lower.
The output current of the device is only 2A and the power is 10W. Gravity is attached with a clip on the car air duct.
A few reasons to buy:
  • Convenient one-handed disconnection of the phone;
  • secure attachment;
  • efficient charging that allows you to charge your phone even while it is in use (with the screen and sound on);
  • high power output (10W) and support for fast charging.
Disadvantages of the model:
  • low reliability of the mount – when driving on a rough road, the mount can come off;
  • Poor build quality – if the phone is not installed, the holder may rattle;
  • The ability to charge with Baseus Gravity 10W only phones with Qi support.

Belkin Universal Cup Mount – mounting solution


How to choose a holder for your phone in the car: tips and recommendations

Cell phone holder with cupholder mounting capability
Unusual in appearance and in the way of attachment, the device is installed in cupholders, which can be on the center console, door handles or armrests.
Adjustable feet allow the Universal Cup Mount to fit almost any opening, whether for standard or extra-large sized cup holders.
Buy it for those motorists who don’t like a holder on a torpedo or air vent – due to impaired visibility or leather trim that the suction cup won’t attach to.
Pros of the holder:
  • The unique ability to mount in the cup holder;
  • good stability;
  • the ability to install in the holes for glasses of almost any diameter.
The main disadvantages:
  • not the highest quality assembly – sometimes you get a defect, so it is recommended to keep the warranty card;
  • relatively high price;
  • minimal functionality – the mount only allows you to fix your smartphone.

iOttie Easy View 2 Universal Car Mount

How to choose a holder for the phone in the car: tips and recommendations
Fixture for mounting phones from the brand iOttie
The device can be installed not only in the car, but also on any other suitable surface, such as a desktop.
The suction cup holds firmly your smartphone even when it vibrates a lot, and the stand rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to give your mobile device different positions – for example, to use it as a navigator or to talk.
Advantages of buying the device:
  • Reliable vacuum mount that holds the phone even when traveling on a rough road;
  • the ability to rotate at different angles, allowing you to choose portrait or portrait orientation;
  • Soft clips, ensuring the safety of your smartphone.

Cons of iOttie Easy View 2:

  • Relatively small increase in length with the boom;
  • not too strong suction cup attachment;
  • slight squeaks when moving.

Defender 121

How to choose a holder for the phone in the car: tips and recommendations
Defender 121 holder model with soft clamps
Holder, which is installed on the ventilation grille. Due to its size, the device is suitable for mounting phones and even tablets with a diagonal size of up to 7 inches.
Fixed device can be rotated to any side, selecting portrait or portrait orientation.
The plastic construction withstands the weight up to 500 g, soft clips protect your smartphone or tablet PC from damage.
Advantages of the fixture:
  • price, practically the most affordable among analogues;
  • convenient installation and secure attachment;
  • easy access to phone connectors;
  • 360 degree rotation.
Disadvantages of Defender 121:
  • incompatibility with some ventilation grilles;
  • not the highest quality plastic, due to which the life of the holder is relatively short;
  • When driving on bad roads, the mount will sink over time.

Defender Car Holder 101

How to choose a holder for your phone in the car: tips and recommendations
Car Holder 101 mount for smartphones with any diagonal.
Universal model that allows you to install devices with a diagonal of up to 7 inches – from modern large flagship smartphones to e-books, navigators, tablets and players.
The maximum weight the mount can support is 1 kg. It can be rotated to any angle and rigidly locked in the selected position.
On the back is a photo frame – a feature that can be useful if the holder is installed not in the car on the glass or the torpedo, but, for example, on the office desk.
A few reasons to buy Defender Car Holder 101:
  • reliable fixation on different elements of the car – glass or torpedo with a smooth or textured surface;
  • photo frame on the back side;
  • soft clips that do not leave marks on the phone body;
  • any angle of rotation and fixation;
  • the high weight and diagonal that the holder can support – up to 1 kg and up to 7″, respectively.
Disadvantages of the device:
  • decreased durability with the constant heating of the plastic – if the car is often standing in the sun, it is recommended to remove the holder;
  • the possibility of detaching the suction cup on an uneven road;
  • short service life compared to products of other brands.

Samsung EE-V200SABEGRU

How to choose a holder for your phone in the car: tips and recommendations
Fig. 8. Holder EE-V200SABEGRU for mounting phones from Samsung and other brands.
Samsung EE-V200SABEGRU magnetic holder is designed primarily to attach mobile devices from Galaxy series with a screen diagonal from 4 to 5.7 inches.
On the other hand, you can mount any other brand and type of phone on it, as long as the size is suitable.
The ability to choose almost any angle of rotation for the holder allows the user to use the phone as a navigator, voice assistant or for hands-free talking.
Soft gaskets absorb vibration and prevent damage to the phone.
Advantages of the device:
  • good assembly – no backlashes or creaks;
  • Durable plastic for long life;
  • reliable fixing even on wet glass;
  • phone installation at virtually any angle.
Disadvantages of the phone holder:
  • high price for such minimal functionality;
  • Probability to buy a device with low-quality suction cup;
  • Inability to install a phone with a diagonal of more than 5.7″ in the holder, while many modern flagships have exactly this size.

Spigen Stealth Universal Car Holder Cradle

How to choose a holder for your phone in the car: tips and recommendations
Attractive looking Stealth holder.
The fixture called Stealth Universal Car Holder Cradle is an original holder, which in the closed state is completely unlike other mounts.
When you put your phone in it, the design is still original. And despite the pressure on the edges of the gadget, the device does not leave any scratches.
Due to the design of the holder, the diagonal of the mobile device should not exceed 6 inches – but it is easy to install the smartphone in two positions, in which it will remain even when driving on not too smooth domestic roads.
Important advantages:
  • securely fixing the phone at 2 angles;
  • Stylish design – the model looks more original than other devices;
  • long service life due to the simple design.
Disadvantages of the holder:
  • relatively high cost;
  • The possibility to set the phone only at 2 angles, while most of the holders the range of positions is much more;
  • Support for phones with screens up to 6 inches diagonally – though for most car owners this disadvantage will be insignificant.

Global Hold M07SM

How to choose a holder for the phone in the car: tips and recommendations
Global Hold is a universal mount for virtually any mobile gadget.
Global Hold M07SM car holder is installed on the torpedo and is a device with a powerful magnet that provides a reliable fixation of any mobile gadget.
Range of phones, tablets or e-books, which can be installed on this mount, up to 8 inches.
The model comes with four removable plates – three different colored round ones for small devices, and one rectangular plate that allows you to install a tablet.
Pros of the phone mount:
  • Compatible with large-diagonal phones and even tablets up to 8″;
  • 360 degree rotation;
  • a good set, including 4 different colored plates;
  • The rigid foot provides a more secure attachment than other models.

Cons of Global Hold M07SM:

  • The possibility of the plate peeling off the case;
  • The phone will scroll around its axis when traveling over bumps;
  • inability to install on the deflector.


According to the results of the review of holders for mobile devices you can make certain conclusions.
If you want the phone to be securely mounted and simultaneously charged, it is worth choosing Xiaomi or Baseus Gravity 10W models.
If you want to save money by providing a reliable mount for your smartphone, you can pay attention to the Defender brand models.
For large phones (flagships with a diagonal of 6.1-6.99″) and the possibility to install other mobile devices it is recommended to buy a universal mount like Global Hold M07SM.

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